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For quick answers to questions or instructions not listed above email SewBatik at or contact us via phone by dialing 1.877.235.5025.
How to Shop Online
Thanks for shopping our web site for batik fabrics and quilting/crafting accessories on!
  Step One: Product Selection

Take your time to browse the wide selection of batik fabrics, bundles, project kits, and accessories. Click the “Add to Shopping Basket” icon to add the product selected at the desired quantity to your shopping basket. If you need additional assistance in finding a special shade or motif, additional search guidelines can be found in Search for Products.

Ordering Running Yardage: our web site software has limitations and we are trying to work within those limitations. Our minimum order is one half yard and our system requires you to order in increments of half yards ~ however ~ we will always cut "continuous yards" when you need more than a half yard. If you need 3 yards of fabric please enter a quantity of "6". We will cut and ship you 3 continuous yards.

  Step Two: Initiate Checkout Process

When you are ready to complete your order, double-click the “Checkout” button located in the upper navigation bar of any page ~ or ~ by clicking on the "Shopping Basket" in the upper right hand corner of any screen. Each screen includes text to guide you through the checkout process.

  Step Three: Review Order Summary

Review the items in your shopping basket. To remove an item from the order, click “Remove”. To store an item on your “Wish List” to be purchased at a later time, click “Add to Wish List”. To change the quantity of an item, change the number displayed in the Quantity field and then click “Update Quantity”. If you would like to apply a Special Promotion to your order, enter the promotion code to the Promotion Code field and click “Apply”. Please remember that all promotion codes are caps sensitive.

Click "Checkout" at the bottom of the page to continue with the checkout process.

  Step Four: Enter Billing and Shipping Information

Note: If you are a returning customer and have not yet logged in, click on "Click here to sign in" and enter your Member ID and Password. Or, if you are a new customer and wish to take advantage of the benefits Membership offers, click on "Click here to sign in" and create a Member Account. Membership allows you to track your order, manage your wish list, and many other benefits. See the “Membership Benefits” section for the full list of benefits of becoming a member.

Confirm or enter the required billing and shipping information. SewBatik prides itself on efficient order fulfillment and superior customer service. We review your order immediately upon receipt, and process your order within 2 business days. We will ship domestically (including Alaska and Hawaii) using UPS and the US Postal Service and internationally using the US Postal Service. We do ship to PO Boxes, using USPS only. Our default method of shipment is the US Postal Service. If you wish to expedite your shipment click “Priority Shipping”.

Once you have entered the required information, press “Continue” to review your order prior to entering your credit card or bank details.

  Step Five: Enter Payment Information

The Payment Information screen summarizes your order. If you wish to apply a Gift Certificate enter the Gift Certification Number into the appropriate field and click “Apply”. The order total will reflect the amount of the gift certificate. At the bottom of the page enter your credit card or bank information and click “Complete Order”.

You will receive an email confirmation message that summarizes your order.

Search for Products
SewBatik offers a wide array of batik fabrics, quilt kits of all sizes and styles, bundles, and quilting and crafting accessories. We know there are days when you have extra time to browse page after page of fabrics and kits looking for something special. Other times you may want to quickly find a specific hand-dyed batik, stamped batik or wide batik back to complete your project. “Search” provides a quick solution to finding what you're looking for.

From any SewBatik page, find and click on the word “Search”. “Search” can be found in the navigation section at the top of each page. Enter a key word to assist in your search – a motif, color name, or other distinguishing product characteristic such as “112””, “flannel”, or “stamped”. “Search” will display the products that include the key word you entered.

If “Search” does not produce any results click “Advanced Search” to enter additional selection criteria.

When in doubt – utilize the category listings found within the “Our Products” drop down menu. Familiarize yourself with our color names, motifs, and product categories and in no time you will be flying through our product pages finding exactly what you need for your next quilting or crafting project.

Product Availability
Maintaining accurate and up to date inventory is very important to SewBatik. Items shown on our web site are available for purchase, however sometimes we may deplete our inventory completely.


  Temporarily Out of Stock or Backordered Items

If a product is not in stock when you place your order, a pop-up screen will appear to inform you that there is insufficient inventory for your order. If you decide to leave the item on your order we will contact you with our best estimate of when the product will be available. Anticipated delivery dates are, at times, dependent on factors beyond our control and are subject to change. Backordered items are shipped as soon as available. You will not be charged for any item until it has shipped. Please notify us by phone or email if you wish to cancel a backorder.
Privacy and Security Policy
SewBatik understands how important privacy and security are to your shopping experience. Please click here to read our Privacy and Security Policy.
Order Processing and Payment Options
Orders are processed within 2 business days of order confirmation. SewBatik is open Monday through Saturday. Orders requiring express shipping will be processed the same day if received prior to 11:00am, CST, Monday through Friday. If the item ordered is a project kit - there may not be sufficient time to produce the product for express shipping. You will receive a phone call from a SewBatik representative to confirm timing of your order.

SewBatik accepts Master Card and Visa. While placing your order, you will be prompted to enter your credit card number, expiration date, and your name as it appears on the credit card. SewBatik believes in privacy and security and wants to make sure you are in possession of your credit card when placing your order.

SewBatik no longer accepts personal checks. We accept manual paper checks from pre-approved wholesale accounts only.

Please contact SewBatik via email at or by dialing Customer Service at 1.877.235.5025 with any questions you may have.

ATTENTION RETAILERS: Please take a moment to download the Wholesale Program Guide and Application. We would "LOVE" to work with you!! Please contact for questions regarding available wholesale opportunities. We also support book authors, educators, and other specialty programs - so please contact us to discuss opportunities. Thank you!

Sales Tax
In accordance with applicable law, SewBatik currently collects sales tax in the state of North Dakota (our corporate headquarters) only. Sales tax is applied to the total amount of your order, including shipping charges and gift-wrap fees and is based on the shipment's destination state and local sales tax rates.

No sales tax is charged on the purchase of SewBatik Gift Certificates. However, purchases paid for with SewBatik Gift Certificates will be charged sales tax where required.

Order Cancellation
SewBatik attempts to fulfill every order placed on our web site. There will be times when issues arise that require us to cancel an order. Cancelable situations include:


Item has been discontinued
Duplicate order received
Customer sends an email requesting us to cancel an order
The billing and or shipping address is invalid
Payment information can not be processed
When a cancellation occurs, SewBatik will send email communications confirming the status of the order and the reason for cancellation.
Caring for Your Fabrics
Pre-Wash Your Fabrics: Batik fabrics contain wax and dye and must be cared for properly prior to using in quilting, crafting, and sewing projects. SewBatik recommends pre-washing all new fabrics to minimize shrinkage and transfer of color using Synthrapol or Retayne. Synthrapol and Retayne are available in the Accessories section of Our Products within our web site.

This instruction will get lengthy - but it is worth the read! I will start by saying something extremely important - "Do Not Rely on Dye Catchers as a Prewash - It Is Not A Prewash!"

Here we go - A bit on Dye Catchers: dye catchers and their marketing message is not intended for the fabric industry. I wish they would say that and I wish our teachers would stop saying they work on fabric because they don't. Their job is to catch color, not to stop the color from bleeding. Great for jeans and the stray white socks in the washing machine, but not for the quilting industry. They do not replace the need to wash the fabric in proper fabric products. They will continue to catch color forever and ever. That's their purpose - thus their brilliant name.

There are two wonderful products on the market for the fabric industry (others as well, but we recommend these). Synthrapol and Retayne, both from Pro Chemical. They are available from Checker or other distributors as well as the company direct. Use one or the other as a prewash based on the fabric needs. Their products are available for top load and front load (low foam) washing machines. Purchase the right product for your washing machine style.

Retayne is a surfactant and "sets the dye". Use 160 degree water temperature and it will stop any fabric color transfer. Use it once. One to two cap fills per yard of normal fabric - adjust for the wide width fabric.

Synthrapol is a soap that purges all unattached wax and dye stuff from the surface of the fabric. If after testing your fabric you see that it's not bleeding, prewash it with this product. This product is also good for removing color that has transferred. Let's say someone didn't prewash their fabric, sewed lights and darks together in a quilt and the color from the dark bled to the light. Synthrapol will remove the color transfer.

The Process: Here's what we recommend for all fabric entering your house (Batik or not) - test a corner of the fabric with hot water and a white cloth. If the fabric transfers color to the white cloth prewash it in Retayne. If it doesn't transfer color use Synthrapol. Most fabrics don't require Retayne but some do. Suspect colors are royal blue, red, dark purple, black, and deep green. Once you become familiar with the shades that have a tendency to bleed you no longer need to test. Just select the product and "prewash" - YEAH!

What NOT to Prewash: do not prewash precut products. This includes 2 1/2" strips, 5" squares, 10" squares, shapes with or without fusible. Basically, anything that has been cut to be used as is should not be prewashed. The shape and size will be distorted. When working with precuts - use Synthrapol in the first wash cycle after the product is completed and ready for a wash.

  Care Instructions for all Fabrics:
Machine wash cool to luke warm with like colors on delicate cycle. Include Synthrapol -OR- Retayne in the wash depending on your dye test. See above notes - please read them.
Do not bleach.
Tumble dry, low temperature. Remove from dryer before completely dry. Hang to finish drying.
Use cool iron to remove wrinkles from 106" Flannel and 44" Rayon.
Use warm to hot iron to remove wrinkles from 112" Cotton and 45" Cotton..
General Product Information
Our batik fabrics are hand made in Indonesia by the highly skilled batik craftspeople.  Like all hand made products, no two yards are exactly alike.  While we have gone to great lengths to standardize our fabrics to insure that you have a consistent experience each time you order our batiks, you will experience subtle differences in pattern, color and feel from one yard to the next.  Like paint, clay and other art media, these variables are all part of the unique charm of working with batik and contribute to the fabrics' special appeal. Your completed projects will be one-of-a-kind keepsakes that will be treasured and admired for their beauty and individuality.
Order Tracking
As a SewBatik Member you have access to your Account Profile, Wish List, Address Book, Order Status and Order History. You can track the status of your order by visiting “My Account” and by selecting the “View Order Status and History”. All your recent orders will be displayed. Click “View Details” to view the billing and shipping information as well as the items purchased.

Unfortunately, if you do not login as a SewBatik Member prior to completing your order, you will not be able to track your order. As a SewBatik Member you have the privilege to track your order. Follow the instructions in the paragraph above to view and track your recent orders.

Shipping Charges and Options

SewBatik charges for shipping based on the actual charge applied by Fedex, UPS or the US Postal Service. The shipping amount displayed on the Order Summary screen will be an estimate only. You will be charged for the actual dollar value of shipping - unless your order exceeds $100. Shipping is free for orders exceeding $100 to domestic locations only. Our experience has shown that Fedex, UPS, and the US Postal Service provide a wide array of shipping options to most U.S. and international locations. It is our goal to process and ship your order efficiently and cost effectively - and we are not in the business of making money on shipping. Most orders will ship within 2 business days of order placement unless express (overnight) shipping has been requested. Our default shipping method is USPS Priority Mail 2-5 day service to most locations within the contiguous 48 states.

Standard Shipping Rates are estimated based on your order value.
Standard Shipping Rates apply to domestic destinations only.
Order Value   Standard Shipping
Up to $25.00   $6.10
$25.01 to $50.00   $9.75
$50.01 to $99.99   $11.85
$100 +   Free
We understand that there are times when you require faster delivery. When placing your order, check the “Priority Shipment” option and we will prepare your shipment for next day delivery, where available. Orders requiring Express Shipment must be received prior to 11:00am CST Monday through Friday. An additional $20.00 will be added to your order to cover additional shipping charges. Unfortunately next day Express Shipping is not available in all locations - or internationally. We will contact you to make sure you require overnight delivery.

Note to International Customers: during the order confirmation process we are unable to provide an estimate for international shipping destinations. Please disregard the estimated shipping charges. You will be charged actual shipping charges - never to exceed $50 - when your order exceeds $150. If your order value does not exceed $150 (US) the shipping might be quite high. We will do our best to keep the shipping charges to a minimum - utilizing Global Priority Mail for a majority of our international needs. Be assured that your credit card will be charged only once - and include product and shipping charges. If you would like us to estimate shipping prior to placing your order - please don't hesitate to contact us directly.  We are not responsible for additional currency conversation rates that may be applied to your credit card.

Shipping charges are for retail customers only.

Shipping Rules and Restrictions

Orders will be shipped Monday - Friday (except holidays observed by USPS or UPS).

When placing your order, check the “Priority Shipment” option and we will prepare your shipment for next day delivery. Orders requiring Priority Shipment must be received prior to 11:00am CST Monday through Friday. An additional $20.00 will be added to your order to cover Priority Shipping. Priority Shipping is only available to some domestic destinations.

Returns and Exchanges
Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to SewBatik. Please contact our Customer Service line at 1.877.235.5025 prior to returning your order. We would like the opportunity to personally understand the reason for the return, saving you time and effort associated with repackaging and returning your order.


  Upon pre-approval, SewBatik will refund/exchange an item:
If SewBatik shipped you an item in error
If a fabric is found to be defective (note: the fabric can not be returned if it has been cut or stitched)
If your return is approved - please include the original packing list - within 90 days of the purchase (only!).
  SewBatik will not refund/exchange your purchase:
If the return has not been pre-approved
If the product returned has been altered, opened, cut, washed, or changed in any way
If the product returned is a packed kit, scrap bag, and has been opened. Any product that has been opened is not available for a return.
If the product is a book, pattern, or kit that includes a pattern (due to copyright issues) we can't accept the return


Returns will be refunded to the account used to complete the original order. We will credit your account (or mail a check) only after acknowledging receipt and upon inspection and approval. If you are returning a gift, we ask that you comply with all the refund/exchange requirements listed above to receive a certificate to exchange your item for another SewBatik item.


  Special note:
Shipping charges for the original order and returned shipment are not refundable, unless SewBatik shipped you an item in error or if the item sent is damaged or defective
A restocking fee of 10% will be charged for returns of fabric cut to your order specifications
Packages must be returned prepaid—we do not accept C.O.D. deliveries
We guarantee that each package leaves our facility in perfect condition. Check your package for damages and contact us immediately if the contents of the package are damaged due to excessive shipping wear and tear. To assure prompt resolution, keep the box, packing materials and the damaged items for inspection by the original carrier. Contact SewBatik via email at or call us directly at 1.877.235.5025.
How to Register

You can have a member account with SewBatik without making a purchase. See the “Membership Benefits” section below for the benefits of becoming a member.

At any time, double click the “Member Login” button within the header of any SewBatik web page. You will be prompted to “Create a New Account”. Enter your first and last name, email address, and password. Required fields are identified with a “*” star.

You will be prompted to enter your billing details: name, address, city, state, zip code, and phone number. You can also enter your shipping details – only if different from your billing information. That’s it. Now you are ready to add to your personal Wish List and track future orders.

If you have any questions regarding your privacy please review and understand our Privacy Policy statement.

You can also sign-up for our E-Newsletter. We ask you to opt in to the newsletter separate from our Member Benefits because it is a newsletter sent to your email account. If you would like our newsletter follow the instructions below:


Membership Benefits
Enjoy the little extras that we share with our SewBatik members. As a member you will receive:


New product previews
Access to 5 free product swatches per request
Fast checkout when you don’t have time to enter all the necessary and repetitive information
The privilege of storing future purchase ideas in your personal Wish List
The ability to maintain multiple billing and shipping addresses – including those of your friends and family
The ability to ship to multiple shipping destinations without creating one order for each destination
Access to order history and up to date order status
Consider becoming a member – and Join!
Forgot Your Password?

If you forgot your password when you established your account, press “Forgot Your Password?” on the “Member Login” page and we will send you a confidential reminder of your saved password.

Update Account Profile
Periodically review and update your account profile. By clicking, “Member Login” you will be prompted to log in to your account or if you are already logged in click “My Account” to access your account. From the Account Profile page you have the option to “Edit My Profile”, “View Order Status and History”, Access My Wish List”, and “Manage Address Book”.


  Edit My Profile

Click “Edit My Profile” to make changes to your name, email address, and password. You also have the option to opt-in or opt-out of our mailing list.


  View Order Status and History

From the Account Profile page, click “View Order Status and History” to review order history. To view more information about an order, click “View”. Click “Track” to view a shipment's current status.


  Access My Wish List

Click “Access My Wish List” to view the items you have previously saved. To remove an item from your Wish List, click “Remove”. To move an item from the Wish List to your current order for immediate purchase, click “Buy Now”. To change the quantity of an item in the Wish List, change the number displayed in the Quantity field and then click “Update”. You can also email your Wish List to friends and family by clicking “E-Mail List”.


  Manage Address Book

From the Account Profile page, click “Manage Address Book” to review current addresses. Follow the instructions which guide you through the process of modifying address information including name, address, city, state, zip code, country, and phone and fax numbers. You can delete old addresses and add new ones.
Wish List

As a SewBatik Member, you have the ability to add products to your personal Wish List. Consider your Wish List a temporary Shopping Basket. You can email your Wish List to your friends or use it to gather the products you really want to purchase, but are not quite sure. You may also have to leave the web site before completing your purchase. By storing your products in your Wish List you can quickly transition them at a later time into your Shopping Basket.

When you are ready to transfer your items from your Wish List to your Shopping Basket, access your account and click “Access My Wish List”. Your saved items will be displayed. Follow the instructions to add each item to your Shopping Basket. You can now continue shopping or place your order and complete the checkout process.

Corporate and Contact Information


  Corporate Headquarters

c/o Firefly LLC
879 Main Street West
Mayville, ND 58257



  Office Hours

Our office hours are Monday - Saturday (except holidays), 9:00 am - 5:00 pm CST. During off-hours please leave your name, phone number and a brief message and we will be happy to return your call. Always feel free to email us at We respond to emails very promptly.


Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We would love to hear from you – send us a note using “Contact Us” or dial 1.877.235.5025 to speak with us directly.


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