Announcing [ Wisp ] - Our New Rayon Motif Available in 17 Shades

It's always exciting to see a design turn into reality!  We absolutely love how our new Batik Rayon motif was produced! The motif name is Wisp. What do you see in the motif? What pattern jumps to mind when you see this new design?

Wisp - is a directional motif. At first glance it looks like a feather or a long narrow leaf floating on a slow moving stream. The motif takes on many different impressions based on the dye shade combinations. We couldn't narrow this one down to just a few shades, so - 17 shades it is!  We are pretty sure you will find a shade that fits your color palette.

My first garment made from this new design was the Washi Dress by Made by Rae. I fell in love with Lagoon - a dusty blue/gray shade with accents of copper. I should have made the dress a bit larger so I could wear it myself - what was I thinking!!  You will enjoy this garment when you visit our booth at various quilting and sewing shows - and at Quilt Market. This pattern was a joy to sew - designed for a confident beginner - and I love how it turned out!

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Enjoy this new 44" wide Batik Rayon in the new motif of Wisp!  [ Yes - we have 3 more images to add to this page...  soon....  ]

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