115" Cotton Backing - 3 Yard Precut

$ 69.50

We prepackage our 108" Wide Cotton Batik Backings in 3-yard cuts that are perfect for backing a queen size or small king size quilt top. One-piece quilt backings are a wonderful way to complete your quilt and allow you to save money at the same time. No piecing, no seams during quilting, and no extra work. How much better can this be?

If you were to purchase a 45" wide fabric you might spend $10 yard (or more) and need 9 yards of fabric to back your queen size quilt. That's $90 before doing the additional work to "create" the backing. Save your effort and dollars!!

Use the drop down menu to select your favorite Extra Wide Cotton Batik Backing! Hurry - they won't last long!