45" Rayon - Durum Dreams Border - Azalea Black (OFF SHADE)

$ 7.00 $ 14.00

This version of the Durum Dreams - Azalea shade is OFF COLORED. It is slightly oranger and there are hints of darkness within the hand dyed section of the design. 

I will tell you that if you didn't know what the fabric "is supposed to look like" you would not know there is a difference. 

If you are attempting to match this fabric to an earlier purchase of Durum Dreams in the shade of Azalea - please don't - it will not match. 

Item Description:

45" Wide Batik Rayon. This is a beautiful border batik called Durum Dreams. One selvage starts with the hand dyed shade of the fabric and changes to show the design towards the other selvage edge.

This motif is perfect for a long skirt, long jacket, or dress. The design of the fabric makes a simple shift dress just sing.

When planning yardage know that our minimum cut is one yard. Use the drop down button to identify the yardage you would like. Remember, we will always cut continuous yards!