Simple Jersey Knit Dress - Fashion Duo

$ 44.99

McCall's 7432 is a simple and stylish dress. The pattern guides you through making a any style A-Line dress. You select the neck style, sleeve style and hem length. You will use this pattern over and over again.

Yardage: This Fashion Duo comes with the McCall's 7432 pattern, and yardage to fit your desired dress style. Select your size and fabric from the available drop down menus. Our Batik Cotton Jersey Knit is 72" wide - YES - 72" wide. The pattern is written for yardage at 60" wide. In some cases the 12" difference will not affect the yardage to purchase. However - if you are sewing a short sleeve garment you will not need as much yardage. If you have questions please email us or call us before purchasing.

PATTERN Y:  Sizes XS, S, M
     View A, E:  Size XS - M:   1 1/2 Yards + Pattern
     View C:   Size XS - L:  2 Yards + Pattern
     View D:  Size XS:  2 Yards + Pattern
     View D:  Size S - M:  2 1/2 Yards + Pattern
     View B:  Size XS:  2 Yards + Pattern
     View B:  Size S - M:  2 1/2 Yards + Pattern
     View F:  Size XS - L:  3 1/2 Yards + Pattern

     View A, E: Size L - XXL: 2 1/2 Yards + Pattern
     View C: Size L - XXL: 2 1/4 Yards + Pattern
     View D: Size L - XXL: 2 3/4 Yards + Pattern
     View B: Size L - XXL: 3 Yards + Pattern
     View F: Size L - XXL: 3 1/2 Yards + Pattern

Techniques involved include sewing a straight seam; attaching a sleeve, optional; attach a neckline facing; sleeve/garment hem.

Recommended Fabric: 72" Batik Cotton Jersey Knit (1-way stretch)

Skill Level:  Confident Beginner. Perfect pattern for your first Jersey Knit garment. Simple finishing technique for neckline, sleeve, and hem.

Traditional Sewing Machine/Serger: Either. Garment sewing is faster with a serger, but it's not required to sew any of the dress options.

The pattern is nonrefundable.

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