Simple Wrap Skirt


Skill Level:  Beginner / Confident Beginner

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To purchase Tammie's Wrap Skirt pattern please contact Tammie via her business email address. Here is her email:

My Wrap Skirt ~

I made Tammie's wrap skirt from 3 yards of our Batik Rayon. It is a very simple pattern and is simple to cut and assemble using a serger. You can make this with your conventional sewing machine as well - it will simply require a zigzag stitch or overlock stitch to secure the seams.

The wrap skirt is made from a series of wedged panels. The number of panels depends on your personal waist and hip measurements. The panels are sewn together giving the skirt a nice flare from the waist through the hip. The tie is sewn to the top of the panels. Tammie's YouTube tutorial walks you through the process and provides the information needed to create your own skirt. She will share how to purchase her pattern in the video.

Size: Tammie has provided guidelines for recording your body measurements. The skirt panels and tie is cut based on your personal measurements.

Recommended Fabric: 3 yards of 44" Batik Rayon