Bruce and I wish to thank you for your support of our batik fabric, projects, notions, and all the many accessories we love to share. 

It's almost Thanksgiving 2023 with just over one month until 2024. Wow - where did this year go?

In 2023 we introduced numerous new stamped batik designs and shades across all of our batik fabric collections - AND one new collection of batik fabric - Heavy 8.6oz Batik Canvas.

We've been busy quilting up your custom selections of Batik Canvas or Batik Cotton with batting choices of Soft and Stable, wool, or bamboo. It's great fun quilting fabric to make your time focused on cutting, piecing and sewing!  

In support of these fabric collections we've introduced patterns, notions, and accessories to make your sewing experiences successful and enjoyable! 

We hope this note finds you all healthy, happy, and in the midst of a relaxing family gathering. Last year's extended "Thankful" Event was an amazing success! With that said - we are redoing the schedule from last year!  We know how important your families are to you and want you to spend your time next week WITH your families and not focusing on our Thankful Event. 


Active November 18, 2023 through November 27, 2023

All discounts are automatic. No promotion code is required. 

Discounts are as follows:

45" Batik Rayon:  25% Savings
54" Batik Linen:  20% Savings
   Quilt Patterns:  25% Savings
   Garment Patterns:  25% Savings
   Handbag & Purse Patterns:  25% Savings
Accessories & Notions:  20% Savings
The Exceptions & Small Print:  
  • Discounts, as listed above, are already applied to each item. Not every single item will be on sale. Please contact us with questions. 
  • List of items not on sale:  gift certificates, batting, interfacing, Swedish Tracing Paper, Soft & Stable Stabilizer. 
  • List of items always offered at a discounted price and not included in the Thankful Sale:  Cotton Mystery prepacks, Fashion Duo's and Garment Kits, Cotton Combo Packs and Bundles, Rayon Packs, Jersey Knit Packs. 
  • Discounts are only available on existing inventory. It is not available on pre-orders. 
  • Sales are not retroactive. The sale ends on Monday, November 27, 2023 at midnight central time. 


Bruce and I wish for you a healthy and safe Thanksgiving!


Bruce and Diane Magidson