115" Cotton Backing: 3 Yards + 1/4 Yard for Free

$ 73.50

During this 2020 Holiday Season we are packing our QUEEN Size 115" Wide Batik Cotton Backings with an extra 1/4 Yard.

Purchase 3-Yards of 115" Wide Batik Cotton

and Receive an additional 1/4 Yard for Free

Do you need an extra 1/4 yard of 115" wide Batik Cotton for binding your quilt? Do you need an extra 1/4 yard for your next project or for borders or sashing on your existing project?  It's free with 3 Yards of 115" Wide Batik Cotton!

Shop our Collection of 3-Yard Cuts within this product listing!!

Use the drop down menu to select your favorite Extra Wide Cotton Batik Backing! Hurry - they won't last long!