• Cotton Strip Set: Nuance - Cortnee

Cotton Strip Set: Nuance - Cortnee

"Cortnee - Roses" is a collection of Nuance Gradation shades of roses and accent shades from gold to brown. Each fabric changes color from light to dark or one color to another from selvedge to selvedge. Some reference this as "ombre", but our term is Nuance Gradation.

Cortnee:  contains (8) 5" Strips or (8) 9" Strips. Each strips is 45" Wide.

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Shades from Left to Right:  Nuance - Rose Pose, Nuance - Crimson, Nuance - Caribbean Coral, Nuance - Rose Bouquet, Nuance - Rose Petals, Nuance - Faux Gold, Nuance - Hazel, Nuance - Brown.