Fashion Duo - Jersey Knit & Lark Tee

$ 32.00

Lark Tee, regardless of neckline style or sleeve length, is a simple to construct garment pattern. The simple to follow pattern guides you through the steps to make any tee shirt style.

Size Selection:  Lark is designed for an almost straight tee. Your bust measurement defines the pattern size. Adjust or/and grade the pattern giving contour at the waist and hips. 

Length: Us the shorten/lengthen markings to adjust the length. Left alone the tee is quite long. 

Yardage: This Fashion Duo comes with the Lark Tee pattern, and yardage to fit your desired sleeve length. Select your style, size and fabric from the available drop down menus. Our Batik Cotton Jersey Knit is 72" wide. The pattern is written for 45" and 54" wide. We also provided an option for you to contact us regarding the fabric you wish to select for your Fashion Duo. We provide our selections - but you might want something different. Select the "Email us" option when you don't see the fabric you select. 

If you have questions please email us or call us before purchasing.

     Cap/Short Sleeve, 0-12:  1 Yard + Pattern
     Cap/Short Sleeve, 14-18: 1 1/4 Yards + Pattern
     3/4 & Long Sleeve, Size 0-12:  1 1/2 Yards + Pattern
     3/4 & Long Sleeve, Size 14-18:  2 Yards + Pattern

Sewing Techniques: sewing a straight seam; attaching a sleeve, attach a neckline facing; sleeve/garment hem.

Recommended Fabric: 72" Batik Cotton Jersey Knit. We also recommend our 45" Batik Rayon - Click Here for the Rayon Fashion Duo!

Skill Level:  Confident Beginner.

Conventional Sewing Machine/Serger: Either. Garment sewing is faster with a serger, but it's not required to sew on Batik Cotton Jersey Knit. When sewing Jersey Knit with your conventional sewing machine use the overlock stitch and foot to secure the seam dges.

Click Here to purchase the Lark Tee Pattern Only

Lark Pattern Review - Click image to view on our YouTube Channel