Nuance Shade Pack: "A Dozen Roses"

$ 12.75

"A Dozen Roses" is a collection of Pink, Scarlet, Rose, and Coral + a wonderfully beautiful Green called Fairway. Every rose needs a rich shade of green for the leaves and stem.  Gradations provide an unending number of shades to use as a transition from one shade to the next - or as individual shades cut to fit a specific need.

Each fabric is dyed to transition in color shade from light to dark, selvage to selvage.

"A Dozen Roses" can be purchased in 2 yardage packs:

  • (5) 6" Strips - each full 45" wide.
  • (5) 1/2 Yard Strips - each full 45" wide.

Select your bundle size using the drop down button. The price will change based on the bundle size you select. 

We will try to connect you to Sue Pelland's Video on how to make roses from our collection of Nuance Gradations from this Pack!

Nuance Shades from Top to Bottom:  Fairway, Black Cherry, Crimson, Scarlet, Caribbean Coral.