" Sew " is the act of creating an item using any kind of sewing machine (conventional or longarm), serger, or simple needle and thread.

" Batik " is the ancient art of hand dying and hand stamping cloth to create an intreguing design.

At " SewBatik " you will find all things Batik designed by Bruce and Diane. Including, but not limited to... quilting cotton [ traditional 45" and 108" extra wide quilt backs]; garment fabric [ 44" rayon, 72" cotton jersey knit], precuts, project kits, and all the accessories to make your sewing experience successful.

Keep watching and following...  more new products await!

SewBatik Challenge Announcement

  • 2019 SewBatik Fashion Challenge
  • 2019 SewBatik Fashion Challenge
  • 2019 SewBatik Fashion Challenge

2019 SewBatik Fashion Challenge

$ 20.00

UPDATE:  We are now accepting international submissions and we are thrilled! If you are not a resident of the US, definitely join the challenge!! ***

Enter the SewBatik Fashion Challenge!  Show us your talents!  

The kit includes 1 yard of the challenge fabric which is 45" Rayon - Legacy motif in the shade of Navy Jewel, the entry form, and pre-paid shipping charges for purchasing your kit. 

Click on the Guidelines for all the details. 

Click on the fabric image for a more detailed view of the challenge fabrics. 

If you're looking for a coordinate - search on the color "Navy Jewel" - or browse our 45" Rayon Batiks for wonderful combinations!

NOTE:  If your shopping cart only includes this item, you will see an additional $4.00 charge for shipping. We realize this is happening with this item and will be refunding the $4.00. We apologize for this inconvenience.