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"We Love Batik Fabric"

Bruce is our fabric designer. Bruce takes such pride and care in designing each and every motif and shade in our fabric collections.

He works closely with our manufacturers to produce the highest quality base cloth that you all come to appreciate and love.

Our current fabric collections include:

115" wide Batik Cotton

45" wide Batik Cotton - Nuance Gradations

45" wide Batik Rayon

72" wide Batik Cotton Jersey Knit

"Inspiration in Every Project"

Diane loves to create.

She is like a kid in a candy store - there is nothing better than batik fabric, patterns, and sewing notions all in one place. It's great fun to make a garment, quilt, pillow, tablecloth, or any number of projects and share lessons learned along the way.

What's on your project list?

Make a Garment

Make a Handbag, Purse or Accessory

Make a Quilt or Table Runner

Make a Home Decorating Project

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New In
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The Perfect Tank Top - With Elegant Style

Summer is here and it's time to add a few tank tops to your summer wardrobe. The perfect tank top is the Sentosa Tank pattern designed by Itch To Stitch.

Fabric: Batik Cotton Jersey Knit - Hand Dyed - Malbec

Fashion Pack includes: Your Batik Cotton Jersey Knit Selection and Envy Silk Interfacing.

Sentosa Tank Pattern: Sold individually by Itch to Stitch as a PDF download. CLICK to purchase.

New In
New In

Take a Closer Look at 115" Batik Cotton - BLUE

No two blue fabrics are created equal. Our collection of 115" wide Batik Cotton in the shade of Blue includes shades from the deepest blue to the lightest dusty blue; multiple motifs and hand dyed fabrics.

Which blue is your favorite?

If you have difficulty selecting the right blue batik for your project - this up close showing of our blue batiks will definitely answer the question!


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Simple Stylish Seychelles Top

Simple Stylish Seychelles Top

Do you have too many patterns that you think "might be" the perfect summer top? I definitely do. I found one top that I'm in love with and it's the Seychelles Top designed by Itch to Stitch Designs...
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Batik Linen - Simple Fabric Care

Batik Linen - Simple Fabric Care

Learn the simple steps to follow to care for your batik linen. This couldn't be easier.
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The Classic Shirt with a Twist

The Classic Shirt with a Twist

The classic shirt is one of my favorite garments to sew and to wear. Fabric selection is always a big decision for me. I try to picture the finished garment before finalizing my decision. Follow along as we share the process we took to select the fabric and how the fabric becomes our classic shirt.
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