Shipping Charges

Extended Shipping Time

During this time of transition due to Covid-19, we are experiencing a delay in shipping your orders. We are approximately 7 days behind schedule at this time. Please email us if your order is urgent. We will do our best to respond to your shipping requests.

Also, we are receiving notices that the mail is physically taking longer to be delivered once it has left our office and scanned into the USPS or FedEx system. Contact us if your package is taking longer or looks to be stuck in never never land. We will help track the package any way we can.

Thank you so very much.  Diane & Bruce


Domestic Shipping Charges

We extend free shipping for domestic orders of $100 or more. 

If your order value is less than $100 - we charge a flat rate of $6.00 regardless of weight, dimensions, or method of shipping.

    Over the past several years we have received only a few requests for overnight or expedited shipping. We no longer provide this option. We are able to process your order within 3-4 business days and feel comfortable that you will enjoy continued speedy delivery. If you do require overnight/expedited shipping please contact us by calling (877) 235-5025 and we will help you make the best shipping decision.

    International Shipping Charges

    International shipping is based on the dollar value of the order. 

    • $1.00 - $75.00:  $35.00 flat rate - International Priority
    • $75.00 - $150.00:  $45.00 flat rate - International Priority
    • $150.00 or more:  $50.00 flat rate - International Priority

    We will decide the service provider based on the best rate/speed of delivery to the destination country. We will not ship First Class International due to the lack of tracking capability and the overall duration of time.

    There are times that international customers have to pay extra fees for customs, duties and taxes. We have no ability to calculate extra fees that may be imposed by your local government. We will do our best to help track your shipments if needed. Contact us at or directly (877) 235-5025.