Memorial Day 2020 - Remember & Honor

Memorial Day 2020 - Remember & Honor

Memorial Day, to me, is a day to formally honor those who serve and have served in our country's military. My father, Dale P. Bakkum, was such a man. He proudly served as a sergeant in the Army, stationed in Orleans, France during the years 1956-1958. He spoke of this time with great pride and clarity. He shared photos and slides and many a story about his military "buddies" who continued as close friends throughout his lifetime. Dad passed earlier this year and we take special pride in honoring him and our country's military every single day - and in a very personal way - this Memorial Day weekend.


Dad, not only served in the military, he was a son, brother, husband, father, and farmer. He grew up on our ancestral family homestead and loved farming with his dad and brother. After retiring from farming, he was a finish carpenter and builder, like his father and grandfather before him. He had the ability to design a solution for everything. When we started SewBatik we needed cutting tables, fabric holders, shelving, and many other contraptions for managing our store efficiently. He always had an idea for "what a fella could do" and was eager to craft the perfect solution. He loved working with us in the shop and loved rolling the fat eighths at tight as humanly possible.


It was always fun when mom and dad stopped by the store. They would walk in and ask "... well - did ya sell anything today?", or "... what's on sale today? Ya gotta have a sale you know". So, Dad, if you walked through that front door today my answer to your wonderful question would be: Yes, we are selling a few select fabrics, patterns, and kits at 40% off. We are also offering 15% off our entire Batik Rayon collection. Then he would wink and smile and say "... there ya go!"



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