Fashion Duo - Jersey Knit Loungewear Top

$ 28.80

Loungewear is a necessity. The Lark Tee pattern is the perfect starting point.  Regardless of collar style or sleeve length, the Lark Tee pattern is a simple to construct tee pattern.

Fashion Duo:

  • Lark Tee pattern
  • Yardage for the tee style you prefer:
    • Cap/Short Sleeve, 0-12:  1 Yard + Pattern
    • Cap/Short Sleeve, 14-18: 1 1/4 Yards + Pattern
    • 3/4 & Long Sleeve, Size 0-12:  1 1/2 Yards + Pattern
    • 3/4 & Long Sleeve, Size 14-18:  2 yards + Pattern
    REMEMBER: Not all the fabric choices ear listed. We provide a Fabric Option for you to contact us regarding the fabric you wish to select for your Fashion Duo.

    Do You Own the Lark Tee Pattern: Click Here to purchase just the Jersey Knit for the Top. Find the yardage listed above for the style of tee you would like.

    Do You Own the Jersey Knit Fabric:  Click Here to purchase the Lark Tee Pattern Only

    Skill Level:  Confident Beginner.

    Conventional Sewing Machine/Serger: Either. Garment sewing is faster with a serger, but it's not required to sew on Batik Cotton Jersey Knit. When sewing Jersey Knit with your conventional sewing machine use the overlock stitch and foot to secure the seam edges.