Men's Jersey Knit Tee Shirt Fabric Pack

$ 26.00

Doesn't Bruce look awesome!  Batik Cotton Jersey Knit is perfect for any comfortable tee shirt for women, men, and kids!! 

This item includes only yardage of 72" wide Batik Cotton Jersey Knit. The pattern we used is FREE and only available as a download PDF from DIBY.CLUB, which stands for Do It Better Yourself.  Click to view and download their pattern. [ I should be careful. I did download this pattern for free. They may change their policy, but right now it is free. ]

Fabric Required for Men's ABB Tee:

  • 1 1/2 Yards:  Short Sleeve Tee Sizes 34 - 48.
  • 1 3/4 Yards:  3/4 Sleeve and Long Sleeve Tee Sizes 34 - 48.

The Size Measurement Ranges:

  • Size 38:  Chest (34), Waist (28), Hip (34)
  • Size 48:  Chest (48), Waist (45 1/3), Hip (48)

Bruce's Tee Shirt:  I made a size 45 for Bruce. I did grade the tee from the armhole to the hem. I graded it between size 44 and 45. Otherwise, no adjustments. I cut the short sleeve exactly as illustrated in the pattern, but shortened the hem.

We created a drop down button for you to select the 72" wide Cotton Batik Jersey Knit you would like to purchase.

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