Tiki Fries (Fat Eighth Packs)

$ 10.00

These fun packs contain 10 Fat Eighths (9"x22" pieces).  The color schemes vary from: Bright, Neutrals, Fall, and Blues.  

"Bright" Pack: 10 different bright hand dyed and stamped batiks.

"Mixed" Pack: 10 different batiks of bright, brown, blue, neutral batiks. All random.

"Autumnal" pack: 10 different hand dyed and stamped batiks in the shades of brown, green, black, dark blue, purple, and orange.

"Blue" Pack: 10 different batiks, all in shades of blue.

"Neutrals/Lights" Pack:  10 fat eights in shades of cream, tan, sand surf, gossamer.

Note: The pack images shown represent the shades included in each individual pack.