Pre-Quilted Batik Cotton - Soft & Stable (57" wide)

$ 64.00

Product Description:

This is pre-quilted batik cotton. You select all components and we quilt it.

What are you purchasing? 

  • Pre-washed batik cotton that is quilted.
  • You select two batik cotton fabrics from our 115" wide Batik Cotton Collection.
  • The batting is Soft & Stable
  • We select the matching top / bobbin thread.
  • You receive all the quilted fabric that we take off the longarm and the thread spool to use to sew your project. 

Please allow TWO WEEKS for custom quilting. This does not include shipping time as we are not in control of USPS, UPS, or Fedex. 

Pre-Quilted Fabric Options:

  • Select from our 115" wide Batik Cotton Collection
    • Main Batik Cotton 
    • Coordinating Batik Cotton (Lining)
  • Batting is 57" wide Soft and Stable
  • Digitized Quilting Design - 4 designs available at this time
  • Thread - including in the pre-quilted fabric price: 
    • Until we inventory additional thread color options we will select the thread that best matches the "main batik cotton" you select for the quilted batik. 
    • We will also coordinate the bobbin thread to match the "coordinating batik cotton" that we reference as the bottom/lining. 
    • You receive the remaining thread spool. 

Yardage Options - 57" WIDE BATIK COTTON

  • 1 Yard          ( 36" x 57" )
  • 1 1/2 Yards  ( 54" x 57" )
  • 2 Yards         ( 72" x 57" )

Pre-Quilted Batik is perfect for your next quilted cotton project that requires beautifully coordinated batik cotton fabrics and Soft & Stable Stabilizer. 

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