Reusable Cotton Face Masks

For those of you who wish to make a reusable cloth mask for yourself, a friend, or your local medical facilities ~

SewBatik is located in a very small town in North Dakota. We are trying to figure out the best way for us to help support the urgent needs of our friends, family, and more important - our trusted healthcare workers. So many people are sewing masks, their homes and offices have become local drop locations, and are delivering masks to local hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes, and the like. You, our customers and friends, are located all over the globe and you all have your own local needs.

We design and manufacture batik fabric. Our base cloth is a high thread count with a tight weave. The cloth is a good weight for making reusable, washable face masks. Please know that these masks DO NOT stop the virus and DO NOT replace common sense social distancing when worn. They are a simple face mask. The patterns below are those shared by others and available for you to print and use over and over again!

We wish to thank Debra Geissler, of Designs by Deb for sharing her mask pictures. Debra is one of our customers who is also a longarm quilter. She purchased our hanger samples when she was selling our 108" wide cotton backings to her customers. She has taken her samples, washed them, and used them to make reusable cotton masks. We love seeing those batik designs covering the faces of healthcare workers! Thank you Debra for your talents and for your giving efforts! We are hearing from so many customers and friends who are doing the same thing, using their batik stash to sew masks. Keep it Up!!

We are preparing free reusable cloth mask kits. 

We have prepared and shipped over 1,200 free mask kits!!  Excellent!!  For the time being we have stopped preparing masks to increase the speed of shipping your orders. Thank you for understanding!

  • If you don't have fabric or would like to help sew masks - we will provide one or more kits so you can have a mask for yourself, a friend, or add to those you are donating to your local medical facilities.
  • Each kit includes prewashed cotton batik fabric to make one mask. It includes elastic for one mask. Please note: if your kit doesn't include elastic it will have enough fabric to sew straps instead.
  • The kit does not include thread or a filter.

How to order masks.

  • We are in the process of adding an item for Reusable Cotton Mask kits. There will be two options for you to choose from:
    • "One Mask Kit"  - We will include one Reusable Cotton Mask Kit to the items in your shopping basket.
    • "As Many As Possible"  -  We will include "1" Reusable Cotton Mask Kit for every $10 spent at the time of checkout, excluding shipping and tax. We will send a maximum of 5 kits per order.
  • Minimum order required is $10.  

Instructions on how to make the masks. 

There are many patterns, instruction guides, and YouTube videos to help construct both the basic reusable cloth mask and the cloth N95 mask.

Where to Donate:

  • Contact your friends, quilters, local medical facilities and emergency services.
  • Search Facebook and Quilt Guild websites.
  • Search the internet for local medical facilities and emergency services in your area. Most have posted delivery sites on their home pages.
  • In the Fargo ND area please send masks to Essentia Health Systems. Click to see a list of drop locations.
  • If you are near Mayville - please drop them at our office. We will get them to where they need to go.

Consider making headbands with buttons. 

Medical personnel don't normally wear masks throughout their entire shift. Their ears are getting tired from the elastic masks. Healthcare workers who wear headbands have sewn buttons on their headbands and secure their mask on the buttons instead of their ears!  Brilliant!  I'm looking for a pattern for our Jersey Knit. I'll get that up here as fast as I can.