• 45" Rayon - Wisp - Tutti Fruiti

45" Rayon - Wisp - Tutti Fruiti

$ 14.00

** We are currently out of stock. We will be receiving additional yardage early 2020. **

45" Wide Batik Rayon. This motif is directional and resembles leaves or feathers flowing up stream in a stream on a cool day. Hot pink and coral are the shades that make up Tutti Fruiti. This is so bold and beautiful!

When planning yardage our minimum cut is one yard. Use the drop down button to identify the yardage you would like. We will always cut continuous yards!

Fun Facts and Care:

  • 100% Rayon.
  • Prewash: Machine or hand wash in warm water. Rinse in cool and air dry or lightly dry in the dryer.
  • Mid-heat setting on your iron if needed.
  • Yardage will shrink in length about 1" for every yard purchased.