Batik Canvas Coordinate Pack - Lavender Lantern

$ 31.00

Canvas Coordinates are designed to make fabric selection easy when creating any handbag, purse, or accessory organizer where all three fabrics are Batik Canvas!   Each pack contains:

  • Main Fabric:  57" wide Batik Canvas 8.6 oz. 
  • Strap Fabric:  57" wide Batik Canvas 5.0 oz. 
  • Lining Fabric:  57" wide Batik Canvas 5.0 oz. 


Yardage Options - 1/2 yard of each fabric up to 2 yards of each fabric

Note:  In each fabric image the furthest right fabric is the 8.6 oz Batik Canvas. The two most left fabrics are both 5.0 oz Batik Canvas. 

    Each pack is perfect for your next tote bag, travel bag, or garment that requires beautifully coordinated batik fabrics in both light and heavy weight canvas!