Chenille Scarf Kit

$ 20.00

Rayon is a perfect fabric for making a lovely, flowing, and soft scarf for any season.

Why is it so soft?? It is created with seven (7) layers of rayon batik cut on the bias.  You can make the scarf any width you would like with the yardage you have.

Purchase a variety of fabrics and make several scarves for the holidays and year-round gift giving.  The yardage needed is 1 1/2 yards of Batik rayon per scarf.

To purchase, click on the drop down button. Select the color of Rayon you would like for your scarf. We will select a motif with this color name. The motifs that are in the color image may not be the item we will ship. It will absolutely be the color - but the motif might be different. 

Additional Accessories Needed:  Chenille Cutter 

Click HERE to purchase the Havel’s Chenille Cutter

Click HERE to purchase the Olfa Chenille Cutter

NOTE:  All garment kits, including the Chenille Scarf Kit, are not eligible for promotional discounts. 

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Watch our YouTube Tutorial and Make a Chenille Scarf ~