Fashion Duo: Stylish Rayon Remnant Shawl / Scarf

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Combine Your Imagination + Simple Guide + Rayon Remnant Pack
Unique one of a kind Stylish Rayon shawl / Scarf


Our Batik Rayon Remnant Packs are... total of 3 yards of Batik Rayon, color coordinated into 6 color variations of our rayon remnants. Each strip will range between 6" and 11" (or more).

I have always wanted to stitch our remnants together to create a simple scarf or shawl. well - I finally did it and I love it! I used one of our Rayon Remnant Packs and my imagination to create a simple scarf. It can be any width and any length - you get to decide. I wrote our pattern / guide as simple steps to create the scarf shown in the images for this item. We include ideas for variations and interest. 

The scarf that is in the image measures approximately 24" x 68". And, there was more fabric unused for another project!!

Make a Stylish Rayon Remnant Scarf from one Rayon Remnant Pack!

Fashion Duo Includes: 

  1. Simple Sewing Guide
  2. Rayon Remnant Pack in your favorite color variation.

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