Garment Kit: Pullover Dress + Batik Rayon - VIEW A ONLY

$ 48.50

Simple pullover dress - specifically for maxi length view of this dress.

No zipper, no buttons, no snaps. Just simple style that is easy to fit and wear. You will make so many dresses with McCall's 8053.

This dress pattern is simple, stylish and a must have in any garment capsule. The simple A-line style is perfect for any body shape. Our Batik Rayon is what makes this dress so beautiful.  

NOTE:  View A - can not be made with our Batik Rayon Border designs. 

Fashion Duo Contents:

  • Pattern:  McCall's 8053.
K5:  Sizes 8 - 16
Y5:  Sizes 18 - 26
  • Interfacing:  Envy Silk Feather-lite Fusible Interfacing. Black or white. 
  • Batik Rayon to Support View A/D Only:  Yardage to support your selected size. The yardage is appropriate for an all-over motif design only. Always remember that you have the option of selecting "ANY" of our Batik Rayon fabrics, not just those listed here.
Sizes 8 - 16:   3 1/8 Yards
Sizes 18 - 26: 3 1/2 Yards

Recommended Fabric: Batik Rayon. 

Skill Level:  Beginner. Inset sleeve, round neck facing with interfacing, and hem.

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Pattern Review - Follow along as Diane reviews the pattern, a look at one illustration error, and the basic steps to follow when constructing McCall's 8053 dress with sleeves.