Handcrafted Decorative Shoulder Scarf

$ 50.00

~ Perfect for Gifts ~

Batik Rayon - Handcrafted Decorative Shoulder Scarf - Measuring 45" x 54"

- Ready to Wear

You select the fabric from the available color selection and we make the scarf. We are thrilled and humbled to bring you our handcrafted items. This scarf is a bit more custom than the other scarves we offer. The center of the scarf will be our Spray Tuxedo (black). You can select any border fabric as your accent and statement piece. The fabric will be washed and ready to wear.

Remember, we may not have included each and every Batik Rayon color option available. We will absolutely craft any of our in stock Batik Rayon fabrics. If you don't see a rayon that works for you select the "Email Us...  " option and we will contact you regarding the exact Batik Rayon you wish to receive.

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