Jersey Knit - Patchwork Pack

$ 25.00

Let's make a patchwork Jersey Knit top, a hobo bag, a lap quilt, or just about anything your creative mind might dream up!  Find your favorite garment pattern and one of our curated Jersey Knit Patchwork Packs. Cut and assemble the fabric patchwork. Cut out your garment or accessory from your fabric creation. Then - sew it up and show it off!

The images shown are "ideas" for creating your own finished product using a Jersey Knit Patchwork Pack.

Jersey Knit Patchwork Pack: each pack contains five 10" strips of 72" wide Batik Cotton Jersey Knit. Select the color combination that fits your personality! Select more than one!

If you need help finding great (simple) tee shirt patterns here are two we love: