Jersey Knit - Random Strip Pack

$ 25.00

What do you do with all your leftover strips of Jersey Knit? Oh - there are so many ideas. We hope you take a few minutes to share your creativity.

I chose to make an oval braided jersey knit rug. Our batik cotton jersey knit is so soft and full and perfect for a rug. Read more about my rug experience and watch our YouTube tutorial. It's so easy to make an amazingly thick jersey knit floor rug!

 Click the image below to view our tutorial.



I made my rug from one of our Jersey Knit Random Strip Packs and cut the strips down to about 2" leaving them the full width of fabric. I want to keep the braid about 1 1/2" wide, no smaller or larger. The density is intense because of the jersey knit fabric. Braiding with Jersey Knit is so easy to do and I was able to braid all the fabric strips in two evenings. I did this while watching a mini-series on PBS.

I hand sewed the rug together in an oval shape. You can speed this process up by machine sewing the rounds together using a wide zigzag stitch. Use a leather or jean needle to sew through the dense braid. The finished measurements of my rug are 26” x 18”. This represents one pack of strips. 

STRIP PACK CONTENTS:  Twelve to thirteen full width strips measuring approximately 3" - 9" in width to the full 72" width of fabric. We provided images of the color groups - however - they are random, so the color will be similar and the motifs may be different.