Nuance Shade Pack: "Pure Joy"

$ 47.50

"Pure Joy" is a collection of 22 Nuance Gradation Shades and represents our entire "current" collection of Nuance Gradations.  Gradations provide an unending number of shades to use as a transition from one shade to the next - or as individual shades cut to fit a specific need.

Each fabric is dyed to transition in color shade from light to dark, selvage to selvage.

"Pure Joy" can be purchased in 2 yardage packs and represents our entire collection for those of you who simply can't decide on which shade to purchase:

  • (22) 6" Strips - each full 45" wide.
  • (22) 1/2 Yard Strips - each full 45" wide.

Select your bundle size using the drop down button. The price will change based on the bundle size you select.

Nuance Shades from Left to Right: Mint, Atlantis, Turquoise, Nautica, Danube, Hyacinth Violet, Purple, Grape, Black Cherry, Scarlet, Tequila Sunrise, Cantaloupe, Yellow, Linen, Brown, Cinnamon, Adobe, Rose Bouquet, Copen Blue, Fairway, Teal, Blue Nights.