Nuance Shade Pack: "Sea Breeze"

$ 14.75

"Sea Breeze" is a collection of 6 Nuance Gradation Shades that remind me of the shades from sand to sea while viewing the skyline from the shore. Each fabric transitions in shade from one, two, to three totally different yet related shades. 

"Sea Breeze" can be purchased in 3 different fabric packs:

  • (6) 6" Strips - each full 45" wide.
  • (6) 1/2 Yard Strips - each full 45" wide.
  • (6) 1 Yard Cuts - each full 45" wide.

Select your bundle size using the drop down button. The price will change based on the bundle size you select.

Nuance Shades from Top to Bottom: Linen, Brown, Turquoise, Teal, Copen Blue, Blue Nights.