Pattern: Rayon Remnant Scarf (PDF Download)

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Combine Your Imagination + Simple Guide + Rayon Remnant Pack
Unique one of a kind Stylish Rayon shawl / Scarf


Our Batik Rayon Remnant Packs are... total of 3 yards of Batik Rayon, color coordinated into 6 color variations of our rayon remnants. Each strip will range between 6" and 11" (or more).

I have always wanted to stitch our remnants together to create a simple scarf or shawl. well - I finally did it and I love it! I used one of our Rayon Remnant Packs and my imagination to create a simple scarf. It can be any width and any length - you get to decide. I wrote our pattern / guide as simple steps to create the scarf shown in the images for this item. We include ideas for variations and interest. 

Download this simple scarf pattern/guide. 

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Watch our YouTube Tutorial and Have an Awesome Time