Rayon Remnant Packs

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What do we do with all the shorter cuts of Batik Rayon? Well - we organize them into common color families and make sure we combine up to 3 yards of fabrics, fold them nicely and package them into Rayon Remnant packs.

Now - the question is - what do "you" do with Remnants? Sew the strips together to create a fabric base for a new garment. Add accents to existing garments. There are so many ideas. 

Make a Simple Elegant Tee from one Rayon Remnant Pack! Read the instructions on how to make this tee in our blog post. Click to Read.

Select a color family from the drop down button and we will do our best to make sure your Rayon Remnant Pack is of the color family you selected. The fabrics may not be exactly as illustrated in each picture - but they will be of similar colors, different motifs.  The strips will range in width from 6" to 11", for a total of 3 yards.