Reference Guide: Convert Nuance Shades to Individual Colors (PDF DOWNLOAD)

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There are so many quilt patterns that are perfect for the color range of our Nuance Gradation batiks. 

A pattern may require 4 shades of blue from light to dark. Or 3 shades of light, medium, and dark red. There is no easier way to find all three or four shades of a color than to utilize one Nuance Gradation fabric because it already has all of the shades in one fabric. 

What we need to do is understand how much fabric we need to purchase in order to have enough to support our quilt project. 

It's relatively straight forward when a pattern calls for a 1/4 yard cut of 4 shades of blue, as an example. The answer is simply - 1 1/4 yards of Nuance Danube. Because, we can cut four 11" x 45" cuts of fabric from one 1 1/4 yard cut of fabric. 

Download the attached pdf file to have the steps and math needed to calculate fabric yardage when you wish to use our Nuance Gradations for your quilt project!

There is only one limitation of cutting Nuance shades apart to create a more solid shade. 

If the pattern pieces require MORE than the width of any color change, the Nuance is not the solution. For example, your pattern requires an 18" square of three different blues from light to dark. Our color change within one fabric is less than 18" and will not yield a solid/stable color within that one 18" square.