Sewing Must Haves

$ 50.00

When I first started sewing garments I had a scissors, pins, ruler, paper pattern board, and a sewing machine. There are so many wonderful notions that make our sewing experience easier and better. Each notion has it's purpose and it's great to have them all in one place - our sewing drawer!

With all the notions available we gathered a few must have notions that everyone should have. Purchase this bundle for new sewers or to make sure you have everything you need right away!

Sewing Must Haves includes:

  • Bohin Marking Pencil (white)
  • Fray Check - keep threads from unraveling
  • Stay Tape - keep seams from stretching out of position
  • Seam Gauge - for all your smaller measurements and more
  • Pattern Weights - for securing paper patterns to your garment fabric
  • Pins
  • Microtex 80/12 Sharp Needles - for sewing on wovens
  • Jersey 80/12 Ballpoint Needles - for sewing on knits
  • 60" Tape Measure - for everything you need to measure

We could have added so many more common notions like scissors, rotary cutters, and rulers, but - we believe those of individual notions that you may already have. If not, shop each item individual in our Notions and Accessories.

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