Garment Kit - Simple Jersey Knit Skirt

$ 34.99

McCall's 6654 is a wonderful simple pattern for a basic skirt - whether a straight pencil style or full fluid style. 

A5 Pattern:  Sizes 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14

E5 Pattern:  Sizes 14, 16, 18, 20, and 22 

This pattern comes with so many options. In order to provide the correct yardage for all the views we decided to simply let you select the pattern size and View. We have too many options of Cotton Jersey Knit. Once you've placed your order - we will email you asking for the Cotton Jersey Knit that you would like to purchase. Email us back and we will prepare your Fashion Duo.

View A, B, C, D [ All Sizes ]:   1 Yard + Pattern

View E [ All Sizes]:  1 1/4 Yards + Pattern

Sizes 6-14 (A5):

View F, G:   1 Yard + Pattern
View H:   1 3/4 Yards + Pattern
View I:   2 1/2 Yards + Pattern

Sizes 16-22 (E5):

View F-G:   1 1/2 Yards + Pattern
View H:   2 Yards + Pattern
View I:   2 5/8 Yards + Pattern

Recommended Fabric: 72" Batik Cotton Jersey Knit.

Click Here to View our line of 72" Batik Cotton Jersey Knit!  We will email you once we receive your order asking for your Jersey selection! Thank you!!

Skill Level:  Beginner. 

Hints & Tips: this pattern is fast and simple when using a serger. A serger is not required to make this garment. Jersey knit does not ravel so if you don't have a serger (yet)feel comfortable using a traditional sewing machine, Jersey needle, and a stretch stitch on your sewing machine.

Notions Needed: 1" Elastic, Matching Thread