Tiki Tikes: Nuance Gradations

$ 21.00

Strips of Nuance Gradation Shades

Do you love our 45" Wide Cotton Nuance Gradations? If so - you will love our mixed strip sets. The strips are 2 1/2" wide at full width. We include 2 each of 10 shades in each pack. You simply need to select Brights or Fall shades. Or - better still - one of each!

Use the drop down menu to select the shade grouping of your choice.

  • Brights. The shades of a rainbow
  • Fall. The shades of an amazing fall forest.
  • Mixed. Trust us to mix 10 shades for you! 

NOTE:  The image shown for this item does NOT represent the actual Tiki Tike that we send. You will love the groups!

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