2020 Vermont Quilt Festival Wall Quilt Challenge ~ Reflections

2020 Vermont Quilt Festival Wall Quilt Challenge ~ Reflections

We have been honored to sponsor the 10th annual VQF Wall Quilt Challenge!  The theme was "Reflections" and incorporated any challenge packet not previously submitted over the past 10 years as well as the new fabric selected to represent this 2020 year! 

First and foremost - THANK YOU - for all of you who purchased the Challenge Packet and had a vision of how to show your personal meaning of "Reflections".

The voting has occurred and the winners have been awarded....  Here we go!!!

SewBatik Judge's Choice:  "Brilliance" by Linda Cary

Techniques:  Applique

Category:  Reflections

Original Design

Description:  "I love sunsets. So much so that my granddaughter will send me pictures of them and say that she thought of me. How wonderful to be thought of when looking at something beautiful. I wanted to create a sunset with intense colors and the fabric chosen by SewBatik was perfect. From the mountains to the dragonflies and lily I was able to show off this beautiful fabric. I also tried to create dimension with the lily and dragonflies. I wanted them to pop!"


Kimberly Einmo Judge's Choice:  "Urge For Going" by Dawn Sullivan
Techniques:  Turned Applique (mountains, suns) and Raw Edge Applique (tree and leaf snippets)
Category:  Reflections
Design inspired by a landscape photo.
Description: " 'Urge for Going" (as inspired by the Joni Mitchell song) is reminiscent, to me, of Octobers past at Sunset Lake in Ashburnham MA. We were lucky to swim one more time, go on a hayride, and cuddle up by a fire at night. Those were the days of my youth which I will always cherish."
Viewer's Choice: "If birds fly over the rainbow, why oh why can't I?" by Becky Erdman
Techniques: Applique
Category:  Reflections
Design inspired by paintings of Karen Noles.
Description: "The Trail of Tears is a sad part of our American History. This young Cherokee girl ponders her future as she also clings to her past. Wondering where she will go, and what will happen, as well as having strength of character in knowing who she is...The hydrangea blossoms are from the reflection 2020 fabrics."

Thank you to the team from Vermont Quilt Festival, Kimberly Einmo, and all of those who entered our challenge!

Below are all the entries from our 2020 "Reflections" Challenge

A. "It Ain't the House That Jack Built" - Theme: Whimsy


B. "I Go to Rio" - Theme: Happiness is...

 C. "Kaleidoscope Illusion" - Theme: Illusion

 D. "Little Egret" - Theme: Reflections

  E. "In a Land Far, Far Away" - Theme: Fairy Tales

 F. "If birds fly over the rainbow, why oh why can't I?" - Theme: Reflections

 G. "Supernova" - Theme: Reflections

 H. "Four by Fibonacci" - Theme: Reflections

 I. "Summer Reflections" - Theme: Reflections

 M. "Quilt of Reflections" - Theme: Reflections

J. "Ripples" - Theme: Reflections






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