Let's Make A Button - or Several

Let's Make A Button - or Several

I'm finding it difficult these days to run to the fabric store or quilt shop to purchase ready made buttons. I decided to use covered buttons for my last dress. I love how the buttons blend in to the overall look of the garment. There are times we would rather have an accent or coordinate that isn't fabric - that's definitely the case, but when needed it's great to be in a position to make a few buttons.

A Few Tips...

  • Each package of buttons includes complete instructions on the back of the package.
  • When purchasing Buttons to Cover packages make sure you are purchasing a pack that includes the tools needed. You can then purchase refill's without spending the extra money for another tool. Look for the word "refill" to know which package you are purchasing.
  • Button tools support one or more sizes of buttons.
  • When working with thin or lightweight fabric consider applying interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric before creating the button.
  • For a more padded button - include batting or fusible fleece. Remember to cut additional fabric to cover the additional fluff of the batting.
  • Not all Buttons to Cover are the same. Some have ridges, like teeth, that require you to push to secure the fabric into the teeth. Others are have smooth edges and require more pressure to push the back of the button into the fabric and front button shape.
  • When fussy cutting faces, animals, designs, or other shapes on your button I often use a dab of fabric glue or spray adhesive to secure the fabric in the center of the button. This will ensure that the fabric stays in place right from the start.

Let's Get Started...


Gather the needed supplies.


Basic Steps...

Follow these simple instructions to make any style fabric covered button.


That's it...

See how easy it is to make your own buttons!! I have also found that if I keep a few basic Buttons to Cover on hand I always have an option and don't have to wait to complete a garment or accessory. If the pattern suggests 5/8" and I only have 1/2" - it's okay. I'll use the 1/2" Button to Cover package and reduce the size of the button hole.

Stay flexible, have fun and keep on Sewing, Learning, and Sharing!!


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