Apron's and Oven Mitts - Who Knew

Apron's and Oven Mitts - Who Knew

Time at home these past several months has energized many of us to replace or refresh everyday decorating items such as shower curtains, ironing board covers, and table cloths - oh the list goes on.
A few weeks ago we introduced our Crisscross Apron + Double Oven Mitt Project featuring our 115" wide Double Border Batik fabric. Along with the apron was an option for making a matching Double Oven Mitt. This was definitely a hit with so many of you and we appreciate it very much. 
We also had requests for a standalone Double Oven Mitt Project without needing to purchase the Crisscross Apron kit. We happily have answered your request!
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The Double Oven Mitt project kit is available in 9 beautiful shades. If you prefer different color combinations - select the "Email us" option and we will work with you directly on your fabric choices.
The kit includes three coordinating fabrics, heat reflective fleece, and our instruction guide.

Tutorials Make Life Easier

I decided it would be fun to provide a tutorial to help you through each step in making your own Double Oven Mitt. We added a fun bonus segment inside the tutorial. We quickly show you how to make continuous bias binding from a fat quarter. Many of you may know how to do this already, but I didn't have enough straight yardage of the binding I wanted to use at home. I didn't want to take the time to go to the office for more fabric and low and behold - I remembered the fat quarter method!  There are faster options available, but this method works for me.
We encourage you to watch our tutorial that guides you through the steps needed to cut and sew your own Double Oven Mitt.
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We hope you enjoy this fun project and make a few different sizes for your home! Remember - gift season is around the corner!
On a personal notes...
My grandmothers wore apron's almost every single day. It didn't matter if they were cooking or not. They always wore an apron. I think they wore them to help keep their clothing clean reducing the need for added washings. I was not too keen on wearing an apron and I don't know why. After making the Crisscross Apron I am sold on how wonderful it is to wear and how functional it has become for me. Memories of my grandmothers are the added "bonus"!


Happy Sewing ~ Be Well
Diane @ SewBatik

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