Batik Linen - Simple Fabric Care

Batik Linen - Simple Fabric Care

Key words come to mind when I think about caring for our batik linen - or most linen fabric for that matter. 





Simple words reflect simple care instructions.

Why Pre Wash Matters: 

We believe that pre washing all your fabric is an important step in fabric care and longevity. This article is all about the care of Batik Linen, but definitely remember to care for all our batik fabric properly. 

Remove Surface Dye/Wax: 

"To Batik" is a process of coloring and designing natural fibers with dyes to create beautiful hand dyed shades on the fabric. Wax is used to create the beautiful motifs and designs on our batik fabric. Even though the fabric is washed several times during batik making, there are residual dyes and wax that are simply sitting on the surface of the fabric. We need to remove this excess stuff before working with the fabric. 

Soften and Brighten the Fabric:  

Washing the batik linen actually will also soften the fabric to the touch. It's amazing what one wash can do to the fabric. Wax stiffens fabric. Removing that wax naturally adds softness. Wax is also dulls the look and brilliance of the fabric. Removing the wax will enhance the color you see. 

Fabric Prep:

Batik linen has a loose weave as compared to other woven fabric like rayon, as an example. It is a good practice to serge the cut edge of woven fabric before washing it. This will eliminate thread fraying along the cut edge. If a serger is not available consider a simple zigzag stitch or overlock stitch on your sewing machine. This extra step makes a big difference to your washer and dryer. 

Washing Machine / Hand Wash:   

It is your choice to use your washing machine to wash the linen or to use your favorite hand washing method. There is no reason not to use your washing machine. Here are the machine settings I used:

    • Extra rinse
    • Warm water wash / warm or cool water rinse
    • Delicate cycle (simply because it's not that dirty)
    • Fast spin (no reason not to)


When pre washing I recommend Synthrapol. It is a soap that is perfect for removing surface dye/wax from batik fabric. It is only needed as a pre wash detergent. Only use a teaspoon or so for multiple yards of fabric.
After you have sewn the linen into a garment or other fun project you may need to wash it. Use your favorite laundry detergent using the washing machine settings above. 

How do We Dry our Batik Linen:

Dry your fabric in the exact same way you wish to dry your garment or finished item. I like to remove any future shrinkage. I set my dryer to the following settings. 
  • Medium heat
  • Medium speed
  • 5 minutes or less
  • Remove damp

Pressing / Ironing: 

Pressing the linen is a personal preference. 
Press your linen while it is damp using a medium to hot setting. I press the batik linen after pre washing. I like to cut out my pattern pieces when the fabric is it's flattest. 
When the garment is made you can press it for a crisp look or leave it as it comes right out of the dryer. Your preference. 

What About Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is not necessary for our batik linen. Dry cleaning is your personal choice. I frankly like saving the cost and applying it to a good bottle of wine!

Watch and See: 

Diane took a few minutes to prepare a short video where she shares her experience pre washing the Batik Linen - Phoenix motif in the shade of Lake. 

Click to watch her video:  Batik Linen Fabric Care 


Sewing Tips: 

Let's talk needle and thread.

There is nothing complicated about working with batik linen. Here are our recommendations:

    • Needle Size 10 or 12, Sharp or Topstitch. 
    • Thread. This is a personal choice. I like a 40wgt or 50wgt cotton or polyester thread


As with most interface choices, the style of the garment will dictate the weight of the interfacing. I will list the interfacing used in all of our garment samples. Most of the time I use a lightweight fusible interfacing such as Envy Silk to add light stability to necklines and facings. A more structured garment may require a heavier interfacing. 


    Until next time....

    Keep Sewing, Smiling, and Sharing


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