Simple Stylish Seychelles Top

Simple Stylish Seychelles Top

What is the Seychelles Top

First, this is a pattern that needs to be in your pattern collection if you love a loose fitting stylish top with style. The pattern is designed for short and long sleeves. This blog is exclusively focused on the short sleeve version. We will add a future blog with insights on the long sleeve version before fall rolls around. 

Here is a quick list of features of the short sleeve version:

  • V Neckline with a simple interfaced facing
  • Set-in sleeves with two pleats at the top of the shoulder
  • Bust darts to fit A/B, C, and D cup sizes
  • Indicators for shortening and lengthening the top
  • The pattern covers sizes from 0 to 40

Where Can You Purchase The Pattern

All patterns designed by Itch To Stitch Designs are exclusively sold as PDF downloads on the Itch To Stitch Designs website. Kennis Wong is the designer/owner of Itch To Stitch Designs and is a prolific designer of anything garment for any type of fabric. It is worth your time to browse her shop for garment patterns that you would like to add to your wardrobe. 

Please note that we have a commission based affiliate relationship with Itch To Stitch Designs because we love her designs and want to share them with all of you!

So - here are a few links for you to try. 


Finding The Right Size for You

I have to say that I recently had a great written discussion on a social media site regarding this pattern and the fit. Many mentioned how "large" they found the pattern compared to their body measurements. This got me thinking about how I select the right size for me. 

First of all - always measure yourself as you are now. Record those measurements on the pattern and circle your measurements on the "Body Measurement" section of the pattern. I'm not a straight size 8 when I do this. I have a different size for my bust, waist, and hips. So what size do I cut out? 

Before I decide on the pattern size for me - I want to know the ease planned into the garment. Ease is the difference (as stated in inches) between the body measurement and the finished measurement of the garment. This garment has 4"-5" of ease on all pressure points. That's a LOT of ease for me for a woven fabric top. I like to allow 2" at the bust and 4" at the hips for movement. Remember, this is your personal choice and I could write another entire blog on the topic of "Ease". 

Now that I know what the ease is, I go to the "Finished Measurements" and find the best size for me. I add 2" to my bust measurement and 4" to my hip measurement and that is the size I cut out. I have to grade between sizes on all my garments. For this top I am sewing a 8 Bust, 10 waist, and 12 hip. 

If you follow my reasoning described you should be pretty happy with the fit of the Seychelles Top. If you are still unsure - take the time to make a mock-up using old bed sheets or a fabric similar to the fabric you've selected for your garment. 


Let's Talk About the Fabric

We decided to make our Seychelles Top from our Batik Linen Collection. We selected our Violetta motif in the shade of Soft Mint. It measures 54" (really 57") wide and is the perfect weight for this short sleeve top. 

Here are a few links for you to shop:

I always start our fabric discussions with fabric care. Take a few minutes to prewash your fabric. It's an easy and rewarding step never to be missed. Click on this link to read about How to Care for Batik Linen and a short video about the results. 

Oh - but remember to serge or zigzag the cut edges of your batik linen before washing it. This will eliminate unnecessary thread raveling. 


Garment Construction

I'm not going to take you through each step of the pattern for Secychelles, but thought I would share a few images and steps that are worth talking about. You will see how easy it is to make this garment and how wonderful the result. 

 pattern layout

I trace the pattern pieces onto Swedish Tracing Paper to keep the original pattern unchanged. (we never know when our size might change)

Make sure you mark all the darts, tailor notches, etc. before cutting. Pin or use pattern weights and cut out your garment pattern pieces. 

Neck facing

The neck facing is two pieces; the front "V" and the back piece placed on the fold. 

Interface is fused to the wrong side of each neck facing before sewing the two pieces together. 

Serge the outside edge to finish it. Or, fold under and top stitch if you are not using a serger. 

Once the neck facing is attached trim the inside "V" to the point and grade the seams to keep them flat and smooth.

   sleeve inside markings

This is an image of the top curve of the sleeve. We have marked three positions for two pleats. 

Baste along the markings for each pleat. 

 sleeve flat inside Spread the pleat open matching the center marked line to the baste stitching. This creates the open pleat. Press and baste along the top edge of the sleeve.  
 sleeve pleat outside Here is an image of the sleeve from the right side. The basting stitches will be removed after the sleeve is sewn to the garment. 
sleeve hem

Before attaching the sleeve to the armscye sew the sleeve closed and complete the hem. 

I used my sewing machine to sew the seam and sealed the fabric edges with the serger. 

I turned the hem up 1/4" and then again 1" and finished it with simple top stitching. 

 Finished sleeve

The sleeve is now attached to the armscye. 

I sew the sleeve on with my sewing machine so I can make any adjustments needed. I then seal the edges with my serger. 

Everything looks so tidy. 


I finish the garment's hem in two steps: 

I serge the outer edge with a 3 or 4-thread overlock stitch. 

I fold and press a 1" hem and top stitch along the serged edge. 


In Summary

As you can see this is a simple short sleeve top with a stylish sleeve. I hope you enjoy sewing your own version of the Seychelles Top. As mentioned above, click on the link to shop this pattern directly from the Itch To Stitch website. 

We have created a Fashion Pack to make purchasing your Linen and interfacing easier. Jump to the Fashion Pack and select your size and batik linen choice. Couldn't be easier!  

Let us know if you have any questions or need additional details in your comments below!

Until Next Time...

Keep Sewing, Smiling, and Sharing

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