ByAnnie Project Kits - Making it Easy to Kit

ByAnnie Project Kits - Making it Easy to Kit

Handbag and tote bag patterns can be very difficult to follow if you are a first time bag maker. Last fall I was "the first time bag maker". Bags had never been on my radar until I had so much difficulty find a laptop bag that worked for my needs.

We are all looking for something a little bit different - and individual when it comes to handbags and tote bags. When I happened upon the latest and greatest ByAnnie bag patterns I fell in love with a few styles and had to make one.

I started by finding the pattern that closely matched my needs and started down the path of gathering supplies. Holy Cow!  Have you ever read the back of a handbag pattern? There are zippers, mesh, elastic, interfacing, batting, strapping, metal rings for the handles, and the list goes on and one. I simply was overwhelmed with the variety of options.

I asked Annie for help. Yes - the expert in handbag making. She helped me so much to really understand what is needed and how to match shades and hardware with my fabric choices. After making a few tool caddy's and bags I realized that I must not be the only person who has difficulty understanding the notions needed for my projects.

The Match

The first thing I needed help with was matching all the accessories to our batik cotton coordinates. I received so many calls from customers asking for assistance. It is difficult to match the zipper shades to our batik when it's not on the same page - or easily merged into the same page. Oh... technology!

My solution was to create a pdf downloadable document that I call "The Match". Click the image to view and download your copy.  Print this on a laser printer with great color cartridges and you are set to go!  We will provide updates as we change accessories and our batik cotton fabric collections. 

 The Kits

At the time of this blog, we have approximately 10 project kits of ByAnnie Patterns available on our website. It's important for me to explain the kits and how they are organized.

There is a basic kit for each pattern. The basic kit includes a pattern, fabric coordinates, and the required accessories to construct the project.

  • You select the Batik Cotton Coordinates for your project
  • We match the color of the accessories to your fabric collection
  • If you decide to order a customer fabric collection, meaning you select each and every one of the three fabrics - you will be prompted to select the color for the zippers, mesh, and any other required accessories

Now - there are optional add-on's to each project. We have discounted the price of each Add-on. If you were to purchase the add-on's at a later time they will be priced at full retail value.

  • Soft and Stable:  You may already own Soft and Stable used for the batting in each of the ByAnnie projects. Or, you may utilize a different batting for your bag. You have the OPTION to add-on Soft and Stable to your project kit.
  • Vinyl:  Some of the patterns have optional vinyl. When this is an option you will be promoted to include or reject the add-on.
  • The Pattern:  We have a few projects that do NOT include the pattern because we have found that some of the ByAnnie patterns have been available for a while. So - you can purchase all the accessories and the fabric and use the pattern you already own.  We may change the kits to all have optional patterns. Look for this change to arrive.

We've made it easy for you to select all the components of our new ByAnnie patterns. You select the pattern, we prepare the BASIC KIT with all the require components (color of your choice), you add-on any additional hardware and Soft And Stable!  Take a look ~

Image of Clam Up Project Kit

Clam Up Project Kit

From $41.50

Configure Your Kit
Image of Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0 Project Kit

Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0 Project Kit

From $89.00

Configure Your Kit
Image of In Control Project Kit

In Control Project Kit

From $31.50

Configure Your Kit
Image of Catch All Caddy 2.0 Project Kit

Catch All Caddy 2.0 Project Kit

From $41.50

Configure Your Kit
Image of Bowl Me Over 2.0 Project Kit

Bowl Me Over 2.0 Project Kit

From $63.75

Configure Your Kit
Image of Get Out of Town Duffle II Project Kit

Get Out of Town Duffle II Project Kit

From $64.50

Configure Your Kit
Image of Running with Scissors Project Kit

Running with Scissors Project Kit

From $55.50

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Image of Take a Stand Project Kit

Take a Stand Project Kit

From $53.00

Configure Your Kit

Mad About Mesh is a great project for quick mesh bags for yourself or as gifts. No fabric required.

Mesh, Fold-Over Elastic and a 24" Zipper is all that's needed.

Make each bag the size YOU need for your needs. The Mad About Mesh pattern gets you started with (3) large sizes.

These bags are perfect for perfecting your skills how to sew with zippers, mesh, and fold-over elastic!

Enjoy a FREE Petit Four Basket Kit when you purchase $50 or more of ByAnnie Products.

FREE Petit Four Basket Kit

Purchase $50 or more of ByAnnie Products and you will receive a free Petit Four Basket Kit.

Each Petit Four Basket Kit includes everything you need to make one sweet basket! Perfect for gifts and to store absolutely anything in any room in your home or office.

You MUST add this item to your shopping cart in order to receive the special.


Special Ends January 31, 2022


Let us know what you think and the patterns you'd like us to kit!  We love hearing from you. Comment below.....

Until Next Time...

Keep Smiling, Sewing, and Sharing

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