Christmas Decorating - Using Every Last Inch of Fabric

Christmas Decorating - Using Every Last Inch of Fabric

Decorating for the holidays is such fun. I love to incorporate our batik fabric into decorations for our home. I hope you enjoy this fun project specifically for the Christmas season.

The other goal I have is to challenge myself on every project. The challenge is to always use every remaining inch of fabric. I have saved too much fabric for "a future project" and never use it again. It sits. I decided a few years ago to let go of the scraps and use them all. This means use the leftovers immediately.

I hope you enjoy this Christmas Tree Skirt Project and see how I put all the leftover fabric to very good use!

The Project

The item we sell for this project is the Christmas Tree Skirt Project. We feature our 115" wide Batik Cotton - Double Border Phoenix motif in the shade of Azalea (red/black). It's the perfect fabric and shade for this very traditional project.  Side Note: I had a difficult time staying traditional because I really love the dusty blue shades for this time of year!

Design Elements:

  • The skirt measures 60"
  • The border on our Double Border design runs along both selvage edges. The border is removed from the fabric to create the ruffle around the entire skirt
  • The center circle is customizable to fit your tree
  • We complete the center circle with a binding that extends past the skirt used as a tie to keep the tree skirt around the tree

Yardage Included:  2 5/8 Yards of 115" wide Batik Cotton

The yardage included in this project is 2 5/8 yards. This seems to be a lot of fabric for a tree skirt - I completely understand. However, this yardage is required to circle the outside edge of the tree skirt with the beautiful border. There are many many design options that won't require this amount of yardage so don't hesitate to design your own tree skirt.

The Leftovers

I love leftover fabric - so I took this as a challenge to extend the fabric into other design elements of our home. Here are the remaining items I was able to make from the yardage.


A Table Runner for our large dinning room table.

  • Table measures 90" x 60" and our table runner almost fits the entire top of the table
  • I traced the curve of the table onto the back side of the fabric using tracing chalk
  • Finished with serged rolled hem

2 Dinner Napkins.

  • Each measures 20" square
  • Serged edges with a rolled hem





6 Coasters

  • Each measures 5" square
  • Back of the coaster is the Azalea Border design
  • Fused a reverse applique snowflake on top of the border fabric
  • Simple quilting to finish the design


 and.... there's more..

  • There is one piece left for me to make an oven mitt (which I will still do)
  • There are also several triangle shaped scraps that are wanting to become a pillow.


In Conclusion

Enjoy the projects you create and think outside the box. Use each and every inch of leftover fabric to complete your dream look. This time of year - I love coming home from work to see a Christmas tree skirt, matching table runner, coasters, napkins, and oven mitt for this holiday season. Everything looks put together and complete and I love it!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to sharing our seasonal looks throughout 2022. Get ready!


Keep Sewing, Smiling, and Sharing





Diane Magidson

Nice! You inspire me to do the same. Happy New Year!

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