Decorating Ideas - Guest Towels / Precuts

Decorating Ideas - Guest Towels / Precuts

Decorating throughout the year is fun to do in our homes. In years past, with all our travel, we are simply not home enough to change anything - even the towels in our guest room.

Well - now is the time to add simple touches to our home. Try this fun and fast raw edge applique project for your home - or better yet - for a gift!

Let's get started!

Supply List:

First Steps:  Decide on the precuts you wish to feature on your towels.

I am planning for February and the month of hearts! I selected to hearts from our Precut Heart package and four leaves from our Precut Oval Leaf package.

Position the Precuts:  This is a fun planning step..

Take a few minutes to position the precuts where you want them. Add as many as you wish and use your creativity.

Press in Place:  Press

Each precut has a paper on the back that must be removed. Remove the paper, reposition the precut on your towel and press with a hot iron. Use a pressing cloth in between your project and the hot iron. Hold the iron in place for 5 seconds. I don't use steam.

Let the project cool before moving forward.

Time to Stitch the Precuts in Place:

Let's move to the sewing machine. I used a blanket stitch to secure the edges of the applique shapes. My sewing machine has a preset that is perfect. I did increase the stitch width.

Test the stitch on another piece of fabric to make sure it is exactly as you expect.

Position the applique under your sewing machine needle and hand turn the needle into the towel. Backstitch to secure in place (optional).

Slowly stitch and turn the design all the way around the precut shape.

Pull the Threads toward the Back:

I take the time to use a needle and pull the threads to the back of the towel. This is optional if you take the time to backstitch when you start sewing and when you finish sewing.

If you do pull the threads towards the back - tie a good knot to secure.

All Done!!



Isn't it fun to make such a simple accessory for your home? Hang them in place and enjoy. Also - make more of these little pretties and gift a few to your family or friends!

I can't wait to make more decorating ideas throughout the year!  It's my year to brighten and freshen up our own home!

Be well..

Keep Sewing, Creating, and Sharing!


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