Simple Gifts - Simple Coasters

Simple Gifts - Simple Coasters

Gifts that take only a few hours are just what our lives might need!

I created a YouTube Tutorial for making Coasters from 5” Squares. Watch the video and it will be easy to make these fun coasters!



I have to tell you that I love coasters and simple table runner projects. They add so much personality to a sitting area. Coasters are simple to make. They are perfect for every holiday for yourself and they are perfect for gifts.

The project kit that I reference in the video is our Four Corners Table Runner and Coaster Kit. It's available in the shades shown and in a dusty blue/twilight blue.

  • Four Corner Table Runner & Coaster Kit - Sand Surf/Autumn Fire (Shop)
  • Four Corner Table Runner & Coaster Kit - Dusty Denim/Twilight Blue (Shop)


For Valentine's Day I created a few gifts for our friends.



Let's Make Coasters:

  • Each coaster requires (2) 5” squares
  • Each coaster needs a 4 ½” square of fusible fleece
  • Embellish as you wish. This example includes:



  • Position (2) 5” squares on top of each other with right sides together.


  • Center the fusible fleece on one 5” square, with fusible side against the fabric. Press in place.


  • Stitch ¼” around all four edges leaving an opening on one side. Back stitch to secure each open edge.


  • Clip the corners and clip the thread.
  • Turn the coaster right side out and use a Thang or rounded point object to form a square corner on all four corners. Press. Also, press the opening closed as if it were stitched.
  • Position a prefused shape on top of the coaster and press in place.
  • Time to quilt. Stitch all the way around the edge of the coaster to secure the opening and edges. Quilt the top of the coaster in any way you wish.


    Quilting Tips… 

    Use a walking foot attachment, quilt the top of the coaster using any design you would like!  Remember to stitch close to the edge to make sure the opening is closed. I started stitching 1/8” away from all four edges and then continued quilting in a circular square until I reached the center of the coaster. 

    I used a blanket stitch around the hearts to secure them. I used a simple square stitch path for a few to add interest. You can quilt them any way you wish. Make fun!

    That's it!!  You know have a beautiful new set of coasters!

    ~ ~ ~

    Keep Creating, Sewing, and Sharing ~


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