Season for Scarves

Season for Scarves

I can honestly say that in our cooler months, which in North Dakota, are November through March, I seem to put away my jewelry and reintroduce myself to my scarves. Adding a bit of style while inside or out adds warmth and happiness to my day! Scarves take the chilly edge away!

What do you think about when you hear the word "scarf". I'm certain your response depends on where you live or what you do most of your day and evening. Living in the north we experience all four seasons. We enjoy lots of scarf sizes, different fabric weights, many different styles, and many different purposes for wearing a scarf.

Enjoy our gallery of scarf shapes, colors, and fabrics...

 Batik Rayon. 12" x 60"
Our Batik Rayon is 45" wide. I cut a 60" wide piece of fabric and sub cut it into (3) 13" strips making 3 scarves at one time. I love the length and wear this inside a jacket or over a collared shirt.
Batik Rayon. 22" x 90"
This solid black scarf is a wonderful accent to dress worn off the shoulder or around the neck as shown. I started with 1 1/4 yards of Spray Tuxedo and tore it in half. I joined the ends to make one long scarf.
Batik Rayon. 21" Square
Isn't this the cutest necktie ever? It measures 21" square and is worn inside a color or to add interest to an round neck sweater. I started with 2/3 yard of Batik Rayon and tore it at 22" - making a square scarf.
Batik Rayon. 36" Square
This 36" square scarf is a wonderful size for most any scarf tie, drape, or shawl. I started with 1 yard of Batik Rayon and tore it at 36" - making a square scarf.
Batik Rayon. 45" x 49"  [ pieced border ]
I love to add borders or edges to a solid fabric to add a little extra pizazz. This shawl/scarf will turn a black sweater into a elegant evening out. I started with 7/8 yard of Batik Rayon Spray Tuxedo and 1 yard of Batik Rayon Spray Shazaam. Much like quilting, I added borders to all four edges.

Batik Rayon Pareo. Hand Made

Click the image above to shop our Collection of Hand-Made Batik Rayon Wraps. Available in 10 amazing shades! Each machine wash/dry. These can be worn as a shawl, beach cover-up, skirt, or left in your living room to wear on a chilly evening.

Batik Rayon. Pieced Shawl and Scarf Project

I love to create new designs by piecing or strip piecing remnants of left over fabric. We can't throw fabric away can we? All of our bolt ends are arranged into color coordinated Rayon Remnant Packs. This beautiful scarf was made from one Remnant Pack. Click to shop our new Scarf Project.

Batik Cotton Jersey Knit Scarves & Shawls measuring 72" long x 13" - 27"

Click the image above to shop our Collection of Hand-Made Batik Cotton Jersey Knit Scarves and Shawls. Wraps. Available in any Jersey Knit that we have in stock.  Each machine wash/dry.


Whatever your style or utility we hope you enjoy wearing scarves throughout your year!  Share your talents by making a scarf from fabric you may have in your sewing room! 

Batik Rayon: 

I put my serger to work for most of the Batik Rayon scarves on this page. When I pieced strips together I used 3-thread overlock stitch. I used a 3-thread rolled edge with a wide stitch width to secure the hem on all open edge scarves. The rolled edge is loose to keep the hem edge a soft and delicate as the Batik Rayon itself. I measure and tear the fabric to always keep it straight on grain. Never hesitate to tear - it makes sewing with Batik Rayon easy!  I used Fray Check to secure the threads at each corner or seam end.

Batik Cotton Jersey Knit:

The wonderful aspect of Jersey Knit is the fact that the edges do not ravel when cut - instead they curl. There is no reason to serge or hem the edges or hem of any Jersey Knit scarf or shawl. I will use a 3-thread rolled edge hem when finishing edges on scarves and shawls that we hand-craft for others. When piecing squares or strips to create a patchwork look, I use a 3-thread or 4-thread overlock stitch. Again, Fray Check is your friend when you need to seam loose threads.

We hope you enjoy our collection of scarves for the season!! 

Keep sewing + sharing....



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