Working with 115" Wide Double Border Batik Cotton

Working with 115" Wide Double Border Batik Cotton

We enjoy designing batik fabric that has a twist or newness to it. I'm using the word "twist" to mean nuance or differentiator - not physical twist, which would be horrible. We also like to design fabric of the highest quality and more than one use. Cotton fabric can be used in quilting, garment sewing, accessories, and home decorating projects. Jersey Knit can be use in garment sewing, quilting, and home decorating projects. There's nothing more snuggable than a soft jersey knit pillow!

Our newest fabric - our 115" Wide Batik Cotton Double Border design - has a wonderful "twist" and it's definitely not just for beautiful quilt backings. 

Let's take a closer look at this fabric.

As you can see from the image above, the fabric is 115" wide from selvage edge to selvage edge. On each selvage edge is a border that measures 9 1/2" from the usable selvage edge to the line that separates the border design from the all-over Phoenix design that runs throughout the middle.

This fabric has so many possibilities besides the most traditional use which is quilt backing. This fabric design is available in 9 amazing shades. I have been waiting for holiday decorating to feature the shade Azalea Black and it has been an amazingly festive shade to share!

Double Border Quilt Backing:

How do we use this fabric on the back of a quilt when the borders run along the selvage?

  • Smaller and medium sized quilts measuring 95" or narrower/smaller:  Purchase enough yardage to cover the center back of your quilt. Center the quilt on the backing. Quilt your quilt. Cut off the border edges and save them for a wonderful "next" project.  Or, cut a section out of the center of the quilt and sew the remaining two ends together. You will have a beautiful quilt back that has two borders on opposite ends of the quilt. Or, align the quilt so one border runs along the bottom edge of the quilt. Keep the left over border for a room accent, like a window valance or a matching pillow case with the border running along the opening of the case.
  • Large quilts measuring 95" - 115" wide or long:  Again, purchase enough yardage to cover the entire back of your quilt. If you want a square piece of backing order 3 1/4 yards every time. Decide where you wish to put the border portion of the design - on the sides or the top and bottom. Position your quilt on the backing to achieve your goal.

If your quilt measures more than 115" wide or tall you are limited to the direction of the borders. Always purchase enough yardage to support at least the width or the length of your quilt. I'll be honest, if your quilt is larger than 115" wide or tall this may not be the backing design for your quilt. However, there are always clever options - and I'm a "never say never" type of gal.

  • You could add another fabric to each selvage edge keeping the border design centered on the back of the quilt. Bring one of the fabrics from the quilt top to the back.
  • You could cut the border batik down the center and add one or more fabrics or extra quilt blocks from the front to the back.
  • If your measurements are "really really close" to the 115" wide measurement, you could baste leaders to each edge of the border fabric, quilt the quilt, and remove the leaders leaving the border edges of the quilt.
  • You could.....  [ the list goes on ] 

I think you see where I'm going with this. Never say never - your design depends on your level of fussiness in a perfectly straight back or your time available to add and adjust the backing fabric to create your own personal design. 

We at SewBatik believe the backing should be as beautiful as the quilt top. Each and every quilt can and should be reversible!

Double Border Home Decorating Fun:

This past year we have had the opportunity to work with our 115" Wide Batik Cotton Double Border Batik in new ways. I've incorporated this fabric into our own home decor. You will find a few of our projects in our SewBatik Home Collection on our website. We've made table cloths, shower curtains, window treatments, aprons, oven mitts, Christmas tree skirts, and much much more. 

This brings me to questions we have received which include:

  • What can we do with the 115" wide Double Border Batik if it's not a quilt backing? 
  • How can we use the beautiful border section for other purposes?
  • My small tablecloth takes so much fabric. What do we do with the left over fabric?  How can I justify the cost?


Thanksgiving planning at our home included a new tablecloth. Our 115" wide Double Border in the shade of Early Autumn was perfect.

I designed the tablecloth to showcase the border as the drop of the tablecloth - all the way around our oval table. The top of the table featured the center portion of the fabric design.

I took the time to calculate the inches needed to border the entire table cloth with the border portion of the fabric. And, Yes - the table cloth requires 3 1/2 yards of 115" wide fabric. That's a lot of fabric for a tablecloth. This may be true, but look what else I made that I didn't have to purchase to match:


We will be home for the Christmas Holiday this year and I just had to make a new Christmas tree skirt using the Azalea Black version of our 115" Wide Cotton Double Border. I Love It!

I put my math hat on again and designed a 60" + tree skirt featuring the border as the ruffle around the outer edge. The center of the tree skirt is 43" allowing for 12" of border all the way around.

I could have accomplished this look with a gathered ruffle, but I love the look of pleats. I added 3" pleats to the border before attaching it to the middle of the skirt. I finished off the center circle with bias binding that extends 12" past the circle opening and use the extra bias to tie the tree skirt closed.

This tree skirt requires 2 2/3 yards of 115" wide Double Border. Again, this is a lot of extra fabric you may say. But, I made so many additional accessories to add to our holiday decorating.

  • 8 Dinner Napkins (adorned with white precut snowflakes)
  • Ruby's Star Table Runner for the kitchen table. (this required an additional 2 yards of a complementary batik to complete)
  • Couch Pillow for the Living Room
  • And a little fabric left over for a project I most certainly must have forgotten to make



It was time for a new bathroom look in our guest bathroom and our 115" wide Double Border in the shade of Dusty Denim was perfect.

This project required 79" of our 115" wide Cotton Double Border. I designed the shower curtain to use one border as the bottom design and the other border as a decorative accent at the top of the shower curtain.

I have to say that there wasn't much fabric left over. There was just enough to make a matching window valance, a decorative wall hanging, and edging on a few hand towels.


These three projects represent just the tip of the iceberg of the many design options that utilize the 115" wide Batik Cotton Double Border fabric.

Remember three things... 

  • Disregard the width of the fabric when planning how you want to use fabric. Yes, it's 115" wide. But, it is 100% cotton just like the 45" wide traditional cotton fabric we quilters work with. It's far more economical to purchase 115" wide fabric than 45" wide fabric if you need more than one yard.
  • 115" wide Cotton Batik is not just for quilt backing.
  • Your imagination is unending. Put your design hat on and enjoy your creativity!
Never Say Never!


Happy Sewing - Sew & Share ~

Diane, @ SewBatik



Diane Magidson

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