Easy Pillow Case From Jersey Knit

Easy Pillow Case From Jersey Knit

Let's start this off with a tutorial.

First....  a little disclaimer...  There are so many pillowcase tutorials on YouTube and on the web as free downloadable patterns. A good majority of them follow the same technique that I have used in my video. The technique is referenced as a "tube" or "burrito" method. If this method is new to you - watch my tutorial and you will see why it is called a "tube" method. 

This method is wonderful when you are sewing a multi fabric pillowcase as shown in the image below. The goal is to enclose the seams and make the process simple all at the same time. It works. 

Enjoy this video!!  

Are you ready to sew your own pillowcase?

Do you know someone who is just learning how to sew? This is a perfect project for a new sewist!

Click on the image below to download our Jersey Knit Pillowcase Pattern.


We will also have pillow kits available for you to purchase if you decide not to touch your fabric stash!  Kits will be available in Batik Cotton and in our Batik Cotton Jersey Knit.

Until next time.....

Keep Sewing, Sharing, and Smiling ~




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