Spring Table Setting

Spring Table Setting

There are so many simple ways to enhance our homes throughout the year, matching the season and/or holiday. We have had a late spring here in North Dakota, but I'm hopeful that the snow will finally disappear leaving us with spring and summer warmth. In preparation for our warm sun and chirping birds, it's time to refresh our kitchen décor to bring bright spring joy into the home.

I spent some time in our kitchen taking you through all the projects below. Click the image below and enjoy our YouTube channel (@SewBatikFabric). Don't forget to leave a comment, click the Like button (if you enjoyed our topic), and subscribe to our channel to be notified of future videos.


YouTube Episode - Spring Table Setting


Let's Start with the Fabric

I absolutely love the fabric I selected for our kitchen refresh project. It is the 115" wide Batik Cotton - Phoenix - in the shade of Sherbet Blue.  This fabric is bright and filled with shades of turquoise, purple, berry, pink, and hints of yellow. The multi-colored fabric allows me to incorporate other hand dyed and batik fabrics from our collections without any issues. You'll see what I mean as I share each project. 
I started with 2 yards of the 115" wide Batik Cotton. I was able to use almost all of this fabric along with a few yards of Nuance Gradation in the shade of Hyacinth Violet. There are other components to each project including fusible fleece and insulated heat reflective fleece. I also had the opportunity of using my favorite notions including the Hot Ruler, Double-Sided Basting Tape, and White Choco Liner
A few of the projects do not require a pattern, however as you will see, the apron and placemat patterns were taken from a wonderful book titled School of Sewing. I love this book and will use it for future projects as well. It's a great book to have as a reference and inspiration for projects you may want to explore. 

The Main Feature - Tablecloth

The main feature of this project is the tablecloth. I decided to cover "almost" the entire table. I centered the tablecloth leaving the "head" of the table without any covering. The fabric I selected for the tablecloth would overpower the room if it had covered the entire table. 
The tablecloth measures 60" square. I measured and tore 62 inches from the 2 yards of fabric. I like to tear the cotton because it's easier than cutting when we are working with large pieces of fabric. But more important, it keeps the fabric straight on grain. 
This is a basic tablecloth. The hem is simple. I folded each edge 1/2" towards the back and pressed; folded another 1/2" and pressed in place. I stitched the hem in placed with a decorative stitch programmed into my sewing machine. 
Sewing Machine Setting for Decorative Stitches Decorative Hem Stitch
Whatever your style of tablecloth or runner - measure, cut or tear, hem and enjoy!

The Placemats

I am someone who likes to keep décor simple. Sometimes a table cloth is too busy or simply overpowering. My alternate "go-to" is placemats. Placemats are simple to sew and add just the right about of cover and (most of all) style to the table. Placemats are easy to wash and store and they don't even need to be on the table except for meals. 
Spring Placemat Fabric Pack
The placemat pattern found in the School of Sewing book is a wonderful easy to follow pattern. I used this pattern as my guide. Our placemat kit includes the fabric needed to complete four placemats. 

The Oven Mitts

One of the easiest accessories to sew is an oven mitt. Quilted or not quilted, an oven mitt needs to be heat resistant and safe. I designed our project kit to include a simple pattern with all the components - including heat resistant fleece and an added layer of fusible fleece for cushion.
Traditional Oven Mitt Kit
Our kit includes yardage for the external fabric and lining as well as a strip of Nuance Gradation for the binding and hang tab.  As mentioned, the fusible is also included in the kit. It only takes a few hours to quilt up the fabric sandwich, binding it and turn it right side out!

The Apron

There are so many apron styles on the market. I think we all have our favorite style based on how we use our aprons. If you are a baker maybe you use less pockets but really love a tab to hold an extra towel to wipe your hands. If you're a crafter you will definite need all those pockets for your "favorite stuff". 
I personally like wearing an apron when preparing food for a family holiday because it adds that touch of style and keeps the mess off my clothes (I'm messy). Also, in our office having pockets when cutting fabric and preparing kits is essential. 
Spring Apron 
The apron pattern in this image is taken from the School of Sewing book. See, I told you.... so many fun and stylish projects. This apron is a 1 hour project, if your not watching a great Netflix movie. It only requires 1 yard of the main fabric and a half yard for the pocket and ties. The style is perfect for any person or child because the sewing instructions are exactly the same regardless of how small or tall it needs to be. The tie is not sewn to the apron, it is strung through the casings - PERFECT!
And...  Last but not least...  the Napkins. 

The Napkins

Cloth napkins are a must have in our home. I could go into the topic of sustainability, but I have to admit that isn't the reason I love them, it is however an added bonus. I love them because it completes the look. It simply makes me feel good. I think that is reason enough. 
My Valentine - Napkin Set
Each napkin measures approximately 18" x 21". I decided on this measurement because it utilizes 1 yard of fabric in it's entirety. Four napkins from 1 yard of 45" wide batik fabric. My favorite method of finishing the edges is to serge them using a rolled hem stitch. It seals the edges and takes 2 minutes to do. If you don't have a serger there are still several simple ways to hem the edges. I would recommend a hem foot on your sewing machine or a traditional fold/press and topstitch. Use a decorative stitch to add your personal style to the hem. 

What's Next.....

I hope you are enjoying your spring season wherever you live. Adding a finished look to your kitchen or dining room décor is simple and the results will make you smile each and every day!  Enjoy Spring!
Happy Sewing ~ Be Well
Diane @ SewBatik

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