Announcing our ByAnnie Product Collection

Announcing our ByAnnie Product Collection

Let's Ring In 2022  "ByAnnie Style"

We are thrilled to add ByAnnie patterns, zippers, mesh, fold-over elastic, handbag hardware, and other can't live without tools to our project lineup. At the end of 2021 I had so much fun working with Annie to make a few of ByAnnie projects including Clam Up bags; Take a Stand and matching Running with Scissors tool organizer. I find the patterns full of step-by-step instructions and very easy to follow. You are going to love each project you make!

To Celebrate 2022 - Enjoy a FREE Petit Four Basket Kit when you purchase $50 or more of ByAnnie Products. This includes patterns, zippers, mesh, fold-over elastic, Soft and Stable, and many other ByAnnie tools!


FREE Petit Four Basket Kit

Purchase $50 or more of ByAnnie Products and you will receive a free Petit Four Basket Kit.

Each Petit Four Basket Kit includes everything you need to make one sweet basket! Perfect for gifts and to store absolutely anything in any room in your home or office.

You MUST add this item to your shopping cart in order to receive the special.


Special Ends January 31, 2022


All the ByAnnie products are grouped into product categories. The categories include Patterns, Handbag Hardware, Zippers, Fold-Over Elastic, Fabric Mesh, and General Supplies and Tools to simply bag making. 

Click the images below to view and shop each product category.



We look forward to adding many more projects, tools, and notions to our collection of ByAnnie products!  We love every single high quality product from ByAnnie Patterns!


Many of the ByAnnie Patterns recommend a main fabric, lining, and accent for each project bag. The main fabric and lining are quilted together to create the fabric for the main portions of each bag. The accent fabric is used to add contrast to the outside and inside of each bag.  Shop our curated collection of Batik Cotton. Each collection contains three coordinating fabrics in 1-yard, 1 1/2 yard, or 2 yard lengths (each). These increments are perfect for all the ByAnnie bags and any other project that requires coordinating batik cotton.


Three (3) Coordinating Batik Cotton Fabrics in each Pack


Your Option of....

1-Yard Cuts, 1 1/2 Yard Cuts, 2 Yard Cuts of each fabric in each Pack.


Read the fabric requirements for each ByAnnie pattern and purchase the yardage needed to complete the project!


Over the next several weeks we will share each of our ByAnnie projects on our website and through our various social media outlets!  Follow-us and share your makes!


Until Next Time...

Keep Smilling, Sewing, and Sharing

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