Me Made May 2024

Me Made May 2024

Happy May 2024 Everyone!

I'm so excited about May. It's the time of year we share all our makes!  And the great part about Me Made May is that our makes can be anything! Garments, accessories, home decorating, crafting, quilting, and the list goes on and on!  

Thanks go to Zoe Edwards @SOZOBLOG for creating and hosting this wonderful creative event each year. Follow her on Instagram and download her workbook!  There are so many ways to challenge ourselves and enjoying every step of creating!

My Pledge for Me Made May 2024

This year, I'm challenging myself to learn how to sew pants and build a cohesive capsule wardrobe, minimizing fabric waste by using project scraps.

What is your pledge? And, remember to make it substantial and trackable. 


Each day I will attempt to add a new make to this blog, or reintroduce a favorite sewing project. Check back often to see the fun projects I'm sharing or making in the month of May!

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May 24, 2024 - Happy Friday!

I have to say that posting every day during Me Made May is not easy and I have missed too many days. There are days that simply pass by too quickly. But, today I'm so happy to share one of my favorite tops - which is Batik Linen. This is the Cielo Top by Closet Core Patterns and it's the most comfortable top with it's loose fitting design in the main body and the sleeves.

Earlier this month I shared the Batik Rayon version of this top (another favorite!). The difference in fabric drape and feel is different. The Batik Linen is lighter and puffy, where the Batik Rayon version is a bit heavier, and drapes closer to my figure. 

Fabric: 54" Batik Linen - Hand Dyed - Copen Blue [ 2 1/4 yards ]

The neckline and garment hem feature a wide facing to add weight to the hem. The dramatic gathered long sleeve design is the main feature of this top. I love it! One of these weeks I must sew View A - which is a shorter sleeve tunic or dress with front pockets. 


May 17, 2024 - Happy Friday!

Summer is the perfect season for light weight Batik Linen. The clean looking boatneck style of this top is without question my favorite. I searched my pattern collection and found the Simplicity 8878 peasant style top and dress pattern. It immediately called to me. [ Later I found out the pattern is no longer in print, but it's a style that many garment designers have produced. ]

Fabric: 54" Batik Linen - Hand Dyed - Ivy  [ 1 1/2 yards ]

The neckline, sleeve hem, and garment hem feature a wide facing to add weight to theand a finished look to the garment. 


Our Batik Linen is absolutely wonderful to work with. It measures 54" - 56" wide. You will love the feel, weight, and ease of fabric care. I launder my Batik Linen garments in the washing machine and toss it in the dryer until it's almost dry. Hanging the garment allows the fabric to dry completely and relax all on its own. If you enjoy a crisp look, feel free to press the garment!


May 14, 2024

Batik Rayon is one of my favorite fabrics to wear. Where Batik Cotton Jersey Knit has a stretch and feels soft and luscious, as a woven fabric our Batik Rayon has no stretch and is soft, lightweight, drapey and oh so comfy! My favorite garments to sew (and wear) are simple no fuss pullover tops with a slightly loose fit. Butterick 6416 is a great example of a fun and simple top worn every season!   

Fabric: 45" Batik Rayon - Liriope (Single Border) - Twilight Blue

Longer tunics are also a wonderful way to showcase fabric with a border design. Our Liriope, Durum Dreams, and Downton Border fabrics are all designed with a stamped border running along one selvedge edge, changing in design across the width of the fabric to the hand dyed shade on the other selvedge edge. 

In order to achieve the look of a border running along the hem of a tunic, top, dress, skirt, or pants we must change the direction of pattern layout. It's simple and very effective in creating a uniquely individual garment where the fabric is truly the focus of your garment. 

I really love working with our Batik Rayon and the border designs. Definitely feel comfortable designing a garment or look featuring a border designed fabric. 


May 9, 2024 - May 10, 2024

What happens when a garment pattern designer launches a beautiful new pattern? I drop everything to purchase, download, and sew!  This time I found pre-washed Batik Cotton Jersey Knit ready for a mission. Our mission is the new Algarve Top Garment Pattern designed by Itch to Stitch Designs


Fabric: 72" Batik Cotton Jersey Knit - Hand Dyed - Lake (1 Yard)

This is a loose fitting simple summer top. It features an integrated sleeve, wide boat neck complemented by back and front yokes. Elegant gathers below the front yoke add softness with a simple back attached to the back yoke. Simple arm and garment hem complete this simple garment design.  

I love the fact that this top can be worn under a jacket and/or cardigan. I'm finalizing a simple tutorial for our YouTube Channel and hope to launch it yet tonight. 


May 8, 2024

Scraps, scraps, and more scraps. My scraps of Batik Canvas are piling up! I had just enough fabric for a pillow! Patchwork from Batik Canvas is a wonderful way to combine fabric shades and this older Amy Butler Oval Patchy pillow pattern is full of ideas, shapes, and sizes. 


Fabric: 57" Batik Canvas Scrap Packs

This is one large pillow isn't it!! The two market bags are not small. I had a bit of fabric leftover from each market bag project. Squares make up the top of the pillow and one complete fabric is used for the back of the pillow. If you don't have one full piece leftover for the back of the pillow, continue with the patchwork design on the back. My next project will go towards a rectangle pillow from the same Oval Patchy Pillow Pattern. 


May 7, 2024

When I saw the new Delaware Jacket Garment Pattern designed by Itch To Stitch Patterns I instantly went to our Batik Canvas Collection to select my favorite fabric. I LOVE this great jacket!

Fabric: 57" Batik Canvas (5.0 oz) - Flock Together - Natural Sapphire

One of my goals for 2024 is to improve my sewing skills by sewing zippers, fitting jeans, and enhancing garments with embellishments. By sewing the Delaware Jacket I added a zipper, lots of pockets with button closures, and cording/cord stops. The jacket fits beautifully and I'm so happy with the results. I'm looking forward to sewing another jacket - but as a vest!

57" Batik Canvas (5.0 oz) is our light to mid-weight cotton batik canvas. I love the weight of this canvas when sewing jackets, pants, and handbags. It's noticeably heavier than batik quilting cotton from our 115" wide Batik Cotton Collection. 


May 6, 2024

Me Made May is not only for garments and I'm happy about that!  I have been challenging myself to learn bagmaking skills and this project - the Got Your Back backpack designed ByAnnie Patterns was a challenge for me. 

Fabric: 57" Batik Canvas (5.0 oz) - Medora Flora - Delft, 57" Batik Canvas (5.0 oz) - Hand Dyed - Delft ( handles / straps ), Batik Cotton - Phoenix - Clifton Garden ( lining ). 

The Got Your Back pattern is a simple backpack to construct because of the wonderfully clear instructions and illustrations. This stylish travel-friendly backpack is loaded with features. 

  • Quick-grab padded handle
  • Straps for easy on/off your back
  • Front magnetic snap closure secures quick access business cards, credit cards, keys and notebook
  • Back zipper pocket is large enough for a notebook or travel papers
  • Inside is spacious and perfect for your laptop, notebook
  • Deep inside zipper pocket and slide-in storage pockets

57" Batik Canvas (5.0 oz) is our light to mid-weight cotton batik canvas. I love the weight of this canvas when sewing jackets, pants, and handbags. It's noticeably heavier than batik quilting cotton from our 115" wide Batik Cotton Collection. 


May 5, 2024

The perfect summer dress!  The combination of Batik Rayon and the Fringe Top/Dress pattern designed by Chalk and Notch is delightful. 

Fabric: 45" Batik Rayon - Violetta - Copen Blue  (3 1/4 yards)

The Fringe pattern is a woven dress and blouse with two views. View A has a button up front, elbow sleeve and sleeve tab. View B has a pull over, notched front with a cuff. Both views include two cup sizes, optional waist ties, and the sleeve/cuffs are interchangeable. I love this dress because of it's casual style and the fun curved hemline! Oh- and the side pockets are a must!!

45" Batik Rayon is feather-lite weight drapey rayon, perfect for garment patterns like Fringe which won't be as fun in any other fabric!


May 4, 2024

A basic tee shirt!  There is nothing easier to sew and wear all year long. Today I'm featuring the Butterick 6848 short sleeve tee and our Jersey Knit fabric with my favorite Gardenista Vine motif in the shade of Barolo

Fabric: 72" Batik Cotton Jersey Knit - Gardenista Vine - Barolo  (1 yard)

Knit tops start with basic style - round, square, boat, or v-neck options, sleeveless, short, 3/4 length or long sleeve!  There is nothing easier to sew as a new sewist or experienced expert! And, every tee shirt requires less than 2 yards of Batik Cotton Jersey Knit. Shop our collection of fashional Tee Shirt Garment Kits and get started on your summer tee's before the summer heat arrives!

72" Batik Cotton Jersey Knit is soft and provides 20% stretch.  This is a mid-weight jersey knit perfect for tops, tunics, dresses, jackets, and loungewear. 


May 3, 2024

Batik Cotton Jersey Knit in a tunic style pull-over top is my go to everyday garment! My favorite (so far) is the Simplicity 9275 garment pattern. 

 Fabric: 72" Batik Cotton Jersey Knit - Violetta - Malbec  (1 1/2 yards)

Knit tops start with basic construction and then - we add variations. This sleek knit top is a simple knit top with sleeve and hem variations. We can't forget about the pocket!  The slit in the hem extension is identical to the sleeve cuff. Very sleek and stylish in deed.

72" Batik Cotton Jersey Knit is soft and provides 20% stretch.  This is a mid-weight jersey knit perfect for tops, tunics, dresses, jackets, and loungewear. 


May 2, 2024

One of my favorite rayon garments is the long version of the Roscoe Top/Tunic designed by True/Bias.

 Fabric: 45" Batik Rayon - Gardenista Vine - Ocean Teal   (3 1/2 yards)

The Roscoe Blouse and Dress pattern is the most comfy garment in the world. It is designed as an oversized garment with a gathered neckline and raglan sleeves. The neckline is finished with a center slit and neckties. The sleeves with agathered hem are designed to hit a few inches above the wrist. The garment I'm wearing is View B measuring approximately 35" long with a narrow ruffle. 

45" Batik Rayon is feather-lite weight drapey rayon, perfect for garment patterns that scream movement.  


May 1, 2024

One of my favorite shirts is the Fitzroy Blouse designed by Liesl & Co. 

Fabric: 115" Batik Cotton - Animal Skin - Charcoal   (1 1/4 yards)

This is a classic shirt with front button closure and a uncomplicated simple neckline. The sleeves have two pleats and a button cuff closure. The back includes a center pleat just below the back yoke adding the right amount of fullness to the shirt hem. A shirt tail hemline is perfect for leaving your shirt out or tucking it in. 

115" Batik Cotton is my go to for all classic shirts and patterns requiring a more structured woven fabric. 


Happy Sewing, Smiling, and Sharing!

Diane, SewBatik


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